TAMARA SOL Public Communique + Update on Transfer to High Security Prison

Tamara Sol Farís Vergara is Transferred to High Security Prison

This Wednesday, May 27th, 2015, Tamara Sol Farías Vergara was transferred to the ill-named “Centre for Feminine Orientation” (COF) located at Vicuña Mackenna and Capitan Prat streets in San Joaquin, Santiago.

The prison guard, Jenny Muñoz Gajardo, a Commandant who is in charge of the incarceration of over 500 women in the [prison] centre of extermination of “San Miguel,” is a loyal representative of police brutality and is paid millions of pesos to employ the logic of prison punishment and the control over people’s lives. This officer let her rage out with Tamara Sol and did not let her say goodbye to her cellmate, taking her out forcefully, without giving Sol the chance to pack her personal belongings (her prison mates gathered up what they could in a bag that Sol has yet to receive). We are told that Tamara Sol resisted with punches, screams and spits while being forced out by the prison guards, and was then handcuffed and taken to solitary confinement around 6pm.

We still don’t know what range the prison guards will decide to lock up Sol in the prison of San Joaquin.  Visiting hours and the size of packages vary depending on the range she is placed.

The Family of Tamara Sol Farías Vergara


sol declaracionPUBLIC COMMUNIQUE:

By Tamara Sol Farías Vergara

2015. Fall [in South America]. New Moon.

These are my first words through the internet after the 7 year and 61 day sentencing made against me for attempted homicide, and theft.

Many people think that [my comrade] Angry was my partner, or that I had some sort of relationship with him, something that is completely untrue. He was a valuable comrade with whom I shared infinite ideas and feelings. He was a nihilist anarchist and I claim responsibility for the revenge of his murder as a political act, since I will always believe his murder was not by chance. Let us not forget that TVN [news channel] headlined the act [of Angry’s murder] as something “heroic,” as if though there had been a robbery to stop.

I did not shoot the same guard, who shot the trigger and then reloaded his gun to shoot a few more rounds, but my act is clear and so is the message. Security guards: you can’t keep killing our brothers, nor risking your lives for a miserable wage, or for any amount! Ask yourselves what you are guarding, who your bosses are, and whose money it is you are guarding with your life!

I don’t believe in justice.

Prisons, together with the entire judicial system, are made by the rich and powerful only to safeguard their properties and their social order of death. The police, judges, prosecution, prison guards lend themselves to this, and that is why they are my enemies.

There are things as individuals that cannot pass us by, with regards to the State and Power exerted over us. Imprisonment, murder and the theft of our lives for the well being of some is State Terrorism.  This is the case of Nataly Casanova, Guillermo Duran, Juan Flores and Enrique Guzman, who are charged with Anti-Terrorism laws, jailed under a media circus without having any viable proof of their involvement in any bomb detonations, and risk sentences that could cost them their lives.

Or in the case of comrade Angry, in which the ex-soldier/security guard was placed on the same day of the robbery and was ordered to kill with people behind him. Why isn’t the disgusting justice system punishing that security guard?

That is what State Terror looks like, when a person’s death is justified for the protection of private property; when poor people are jailed for decades for acts that don’t compare to the devastation made unto the land for centuries, or don’t compare to the violence of neoliberalism forcefully imposed by the dictatorship, while killing, torturing and disappearing thousands of people. The people who did this have first and last names, they are still alive, still working, walking freely through the streets, like that damned Labbé who got bail for only $500,000 miserable pesos [approx. $1000 CAD].

I also don’t think I should go to jail.

But then, what happens with those terrorists? What happens with Angelini and Matte that are leaving the people in the south without water and without native forests?

It is Bachelet, the Executive Power, that protects them through their bills and laws, which allow them to get richer by the day. And at whose cost? At the cost of entire communities that cannot harvest from the drought, forcing them to work until they die in their toil.  This is what Terrorism looks like!

Let the mass media manipulate the events and information, throwing in disgusting patriarchical TV shows where women are the object and the men are the boss, calling up citizens to collaborate with police to capture poor people doing petty theft. Like in the case of stupid shows like “133” and others, transforming neighbours into police vigilantes, torturers and snitches. Meanwhile, political theft, such as the case of Cascadas in the Penta case, or even Bachelet’s own son involved in a corruption scandal, haven’t received so much as anything thrown at them: they are all free, safe and sound. All of them are part of the $hilean Oligarchy, the State and Power.

As individuals with free will, we cannot naturalize the omnipotence of the law that watched over us, or much less protect their property or their money. Our social conduct is carried out people. The State is a structure that is sustained by authorities, the Police and Gendarmerie, who recognize it as a necessity.

We do not need a State or a Government. The collapse of modern slavery is in our hands, to take our lives by assault, to destroy all privileges. Let us stop working for them and stop recognizing their authority. We know that democracy is a media show to maintain their precious riches, so that no one can touch or bother them. These are the elements of their social peace and public order; the fear of losing it all, because without the poor, there can be no rich. Without the State there is no law. Without patriarchy there can be no authority or dominion.

The (a)bility to live autonomously is in our hands, with no boss or master, or schedule. Let us value our will. We are capable of striding away from materialism, commodities, and consumption. Let us go back to being wise, let us listen to our elders, our children. Let us leave behind these binary roles that generate dependencies and hierarchies in our relationships. Let us be ourselves without prejudice. We do not need a father figure, a man or a State to protect us. Creativity and knowledge are innate in ourselves, and we can be self-sufficient with what the land gives us, we do not need more than that. Let us go back to senses, look inward and connect with life, nature, and learn from our ancestors.

Technology and science aren’t in our favour; they also belong to the rich. Monsanto is a clear example: utilizing bio-technology to invent seeds and agricultural plants, making them resistant to a carcinogenic pesticide, talking complete control over fruit and vegetable plantations, the base of our nutrition.

The same occurs with the forestry plantations of pine and eucalyptus, as important commodities for export, and thereby one of the main sources of wealth. The monoculture of these species requires a specific pesticide to confront pests, and the pines have been biochemically modified to confront these and all temperatures, demanding greater quantities of water that a native forest, contaminating and sterilizing the land.

They experiment with our bodies, inventing sicknesses and selling the antidotes through the mafia that is the pharmaceutical industry in collusion with others in Power.

Always seducing us through adds of deceit to consume certain types of food for “good health” like milk (through consistent rapes), meat (cadavers) or eggs, fomenting the commercialization of animal life, in centres of torture and sickness for these beings (like Agrosuper, Superpollo, or any other slaughterhouse).

The oligarchy supported by the State are the real Terrorists.

Let us understand that the idea of consumption and accumulation is empty. It has nothing to do with life. We should understand that we are part of the universe and cannot keep participating in the immense damage that the powerful have made on the planet in which we live, in order to keep their privileges. If we are conscious and take responsibility for this we can stop them and recover our autonomy, individual will, sensitivity, the earth’s and our bodies’ fertility, as well as the joy of living without affective or sexual misery; enjoying the chaotic fluids of free relationships and our natural wildness.

I’m happy to know that there still are and there will continue to be restless, rebel, autonomous hearts being born; beings that are not seduced by the comfort of neoliberalism and democracy. I keep you in my mind and in my heart always. From here I extend a great hug; know that your acts make us strong and brighten up our days.

Solidarity keeps us grounded in all its forms. That is why I give heartfelt greetings to the folks in Villa Francia and the comrades that are always willing to confront the police in punches and kicks in every disgusting court appearance, many of whom ended up getting beaten up and arrested. Know that you are all valuable warriors. I thank my brothers/sisters who have never stopped visiting me and cook delicious food for me. I love you all very much and miss you all.

To the defense team all my respect, for the way in which they have chosen to get our comrades out of jail. They are concrete actions in the confrontation of forces… a weapon.

Solidarity and heartfelt greetings to Freddy, Marcelo, Juan, Carlos, Hans, Alfredo, Alejandro and Nicolas captured in the cages of the $hilean State.

Accomplice love to Tato and Javier… Strength to Nataly, Juan and Guillermo in their now 45 days on liquid hunger strike! Strength to Enrique Guzman: all my support in this long battle!

Solidarity and respect to the people of the earth in Wallmapu!

Solidarity with the Prisoners of the World!

Against the Techno-Industrial Patriarchical Society!

Against the State, its Oligarchy and all forms of Domination!

For the destruction of all cages!

Heart, will, memory, intuition and instinct! Trust in oneself!

Ana, Luisa, Manuel, Alen, I love you all infinitely!


SOL MALEN [Tamara Sol Farías Vergara]



May 28th, 2015

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating  Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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