Anarchist prisoners Tamara Sol & Tato fasting in solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike

tamtatoComrades and close ones:

We currently find ourselves within a context in which three comrades in prison are confronting the judicial/political/media apparatus, in order to achieve certain goals. The comrades have opted for struggling through their bodies, carrying out a hunger strike and thereby showing strength and resilience in their actions and words.

Unto this, we call out to mobilize in solidarity with comrades Nataly Casanova, Juan Flores and Guillermo Duran. At the same time, we Tamara Sol Farías and Tato (Natalia Collado) will begin a solidarity fast by having one meal a day, beginning today, March 20th onwards, notwithstanding the radicalization of these actions in the coming days.

Our comrades need strength, love and solidarity now!!

No prisoner is alone [in this struggle]!!

Tato (Natalia Collado)

Tamara Sol Farías

Modulo 2 (Connotacion Publica)

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

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