Suzanne Patless in Toronto | Stolen Land! 150+ Years of Occupation, Exploitation & Genocide


150+ Years of Occupation, Exploitation & Genocide

A night of Solidarity in Anti-Colonial, Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Imperialist Resistance! Dedicated to our fallen Mapuche Weichafe [Warriors], Luis Marileo and Patricio González, shot and killed by Chilean police on June 11th, 2017

JULY 1ST, 2017 @ 7PM – 

Woodsworth College Residence  

312 Bloor Street West, rm 30

University of Toronto 

Featuring Special Guest Speaker:

SUZANNE PATLES of the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society

Melissa Elliott from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory

Drumming by the indigenous grassroots Allan Gardens Sunday Lunch and Clothing Drive Group

Other Speakers Include:

Sue Goldstein – Actions4Palestine

Suraia Sahar – Grassroots organizers of the Afghan Community

Rachelle Friesen – Organizing Committee Against Islamophobia (OCAI)

Anna Saini and YES – No One Is Illegal (NOII)

Kate Klein – Mining Injustice Solidarity Network MISN

Performances by: 

MC LEE REED & Special Surprise Guests

Spoken word by Lindsay Ganohsanohwe Bomberry directly from Six Nations

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Organized by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

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Endorsed by:

OPIRG Toronto

Toronto Anarchist Reading Group


Women in Solidarity with Palestine

Stop the Jewish National Fund – Canada

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network – Canada

No More Silence

No One Is Illegal Toronto

Harvest Noon Co-op

Organizing Committee Against Islamophobia – OCAI

Indigenous & Creatives of Colour in TV & Film

Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid

Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network

The Tower

Anarchist Network of Toronto (ANT)

Mining Injustice Solidarity Network – MISN

Rising Tide Toronto

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This year marks the 150th Anniversary since the creation of the British North America Act that would officialize the occupation of the Canadian state on indigenous lands on Turtle Island. Throughout its existence, the Canadian state has sought the genocide of indigenous peoples through the imposition of the Indian Act – in its forceful removal of traditional territories onto reservations, implementation of foreign government – as well as the implementation of the residential school system, where thousands of native children would perish at the hands of the Church and state.

Currently, our communities are continuing to suffer the encroachment of the state, its corporate interests, and its policies in the ongoing plunder of the land, its peoples and beings. A plunder reflected in the physical degradation of the natural environment, the many hundreds of missing and murdered indigenous women, the exploitation of poor and marginalized classes, as well as the expansion of war and occupation locally and abroad.

Across Turtle Island, indigenous resistance the resource extraction industry – the expansion of the Tar Sands, the Black Snake pipelines, fraking, etc. – have taken root following in the footsteps of Standing Rock, Elsipitog, Kanonh:staton, Gustafsen Lake, and Oka. Resistance resounds across the stolen land of this continent to our Mapuche indigenous territories, who are also facing the ongoing encroachment of the Chilean state and its corporate allies throughout our territory of Wallmapu.

This July 1st, we have nothing to celebrate and everything to resist! Join us for a night of anti-colonial, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist resistance! No Canada 150!


For the reclamation, reconstruction and liberation of our indigenous nations!

Free our Mapuche Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike!

WCCC [Toronto]



Chilean Police Shooting results in the deaths of two Mapuche Land Defenders

The Governor of Malleco Province, Guillermo Pirce and General Christian Franzani visiting the scene on June 11th, 2017

*News in development*

Two Mapuche land defenders were killed last night at the hands of Chilean police after an alleged action on the large landed estate of El Encino in the Township of Los Sauces, nearby the city of Angol in southern Chile, on the evening Saturday June 10th.

According to news reports, five unknown individuals entered the large landed estate owned by Chilean Police Captain, Ignacio Gallegos Pereira, when the officer opened fire. 24 year old Weichafe [Warrior] Luis Humberto Marileo Cariqueo, and 23 year old Weichafe Patricio Gabriel González Guajardo, were killed in the police shooting.

Christian Frazani, regional General of Arauco, states that Gallegos used a hunting rifle and a short range pistol to “confront the assailants,” who died at the scene, with a third allegedly escaping while injured.

Meanwhile, there has been an out-pour of grief and outrage in Mapuche community and resistance groups. “Our brother[s] carry with them a long history of struggle in their territories, fulfilling their historic duties as young Mapuche in the face ongoing oppression. As Weichafe they had been continuously persecuted and prosecuted by the Chilean State. We recognize [our] brother[s] as martyrs of the Mapuche people in the millennial struggle for liberation… against estate owners, the rich, and the state who are the enemies of our Mapuche people.”

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu

With files from Radio Bio Bio and Kizugünewtun Independencia

Mapuche Political Prisoners in Luchsinger Mackay Case on Indefinite Hunger Strike: “We risk our lives to guarantee our freedom.”

Mapuche Political Prisoners Prosecuted in relation to Luchsinger Mackay Case on Indefinite Hunger Strike: “We risk our lives to guarantee our freedom.”

Mapuche Political Prisoners, in so-called southern Chile, prosecuted in relation to Luchsinger Mackay case in the prison of Temuco communicate the following:

On Monday, May 29th, 2017, we have begun a hunger strike as a last recourse of resistance within political prison to demand and pressure authorities for due process in our cases.

As is publicly known, there has been a lack of evidence throughout this overwhelming process, which has been falling apart slowly in the courts.

Yet the Office of the Prosecution (FIAC) and their representative, Attorney Alberto Chifelle, have made enormous efforts to stretch all legal recourses necessary to push our cases to the Constitutional Tribunal, with the objective to continue our pre-trial detention. We state our innocence of the charges that have been laid on us. They wish to keep us behind bars, since we maintain our conviction of struggle for our Mapuche nation, which has led us to initiate a hunger strike as a radical measure of resistance and protest to enforce our demands as Mapuche Political Prisoners

We risk our lives in order to guarantee our freedom, demanding due process as a reasonable claim after a year of incarceration without the withdrawal of any charges.

The pre-trial detention of our Machi [Medicine Healer] Francisca Linconao, as well as those previously and currently charged in [the Luchsinger Mackay] case, follow the same political tactics of delegitimization of our struggle against the powerful capitalist interests in our Wallmapu. In addition, we are demanding an end to the application of the Anti-Terrorist Law, and our immediate freedom under Article 140 [of the Constitution].

We call on our Mapuche Nation, communities in resistance and in defense of Wallmapu, Chileans in social movements, fishermen, students, and other conscious of our dignified and just struggle oppressed by capitalist interests to support our mobilizations and break the mainstream bourgeois media silence. We also call on people to mobilize this June 12 on the streets of Temuco.

Our Demands are as follows:

  1. A free and fair trial

  2. Freedom under Article 140 [of the Constitution

  3. Stop the application of the Anti-Terrorist Law

Temuco Mapuche Political Prisoners processed under the Luchsinger-Mackay case


Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallampu [Toronto]

Interrupting the Toronto Luncheon of Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic of Chile

For immediate release

Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu

Media Contact: Lydia Colihue, Email:

What: Interrupting the Toronto Luncheon of Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic of Chile

When: Tuesday, June 6th, 2017@ 12:30PM EST

Where: OMNI King Edward Hotel, Toronto

Who: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto] and allies. Photo credit to q_e_d

Why: We are a  group of indigenous Mapuche women and allies who have interrupted the Toronto visit of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in protest of the continuous incarceration, plunder and displacement of indigenous Mapuche land defenders originating from so-called southern Chile. In particular, we stand in solidarity with Mapuche Medicine Healers Machi Celestino Cordova and Francisca Linconao who have recently been charged under Anti-terrorist legislation, the former convicted to 18 years in prison and the latter whose process is currently ongoing, with the International Federation of Human Rights calling for their release. These are only two of the many dozens, if not hundreds, of Mapuche organizers exclusively processed by the Anti-Terrorist law since 2001 – a law which was legislated during the Pinochet military dictatorship in 1984, and which has been internationally condemned by the Inter American Court in 2014. The ongoing criminalization, and militarized repression of indigenous Mapuche movements in Chile have resulted in the police shooting deaths of several Mapuche youth, including 22 year old Matias Catrileo in 2008 during Bachelet’s first Presidency, whose families have yet to find justice.

We also protest the actions of the Canadian government in continuing their relationship of trade and commerce with Chile, strengthening the extractive industries that have caused the plunder and displacement of our indigenous peoples respectively. These actions are shameful but unsurprising, given both country’s colonial history. We stand in solidarity with our Mapuche political prisoners and their communities in resistance, as well as local indigenous communities who are also facing displacement as a result of neo-liberal, neo-colonial policies reinforced by each of these states. Free our Mapuche Political Prisoners! WEUWAIN! MARRICHIWEU! #NoCanada150


(credit: q_e_d)


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