Hector Llaitul: “The arrest of my son is the product of the political persecution towards the CAM” & Public Communiques

thumb_5749e43017c630e1087a960e_5749e43017c630e1087a9613_88sHector Llaitul: “The arrest of my son is the product of the political persecution towards the CAM”

The son of prominent Mapuche leader of the CAM, Ernesto Llaitul, was arrested along with PeñI Ismael Queupil formally charged on the mourning of May 29th. Hector Llaitul claims these actions are due to the ongoing political persecution of the CAM. Charges under the possession of fire arms are automatically processed under Martial Law within Chilean legislation. WCCC [Toronto]

During the early mourning hours in the southern Chilean city of Los Angeles, Peñi Ernesto Llaitul together with Ismael Queupil were violently arrested, being immediately transferred to Special Police Investigation headquarters of the city, where they were charged with armed weapons possession. They were formally charged in court on the mourning of May 29th, 2016, and are being held in pretrial prison for the duration of the investigation.

In an extensive conversation with Werken.cl, Hector Llaitul contextualized the events that surrounded the arrest of Ernesto, pointing out this had been a planned operation on the part of area police to arrest his son. This follows a logic of political persecution directed at the CAM, since Ernesto is a well known militant of the Mapuche cause.

Within the interview Llaitul assures that his son is at ease in taking on political prison, and stating “despite his young age, his life has been full of sacrifice in having lived through the political persecution I have had to go through as a spokesperson and Mapuche leader. He understands this rigour, and has taken it on with dignity proper of the warriors who are in this process of struggle.”

Finally, the spokesperson of the CAM expressed solidarity to all the expressions of rebellion and resistance throughout Meli Wixan Mapu and stating today’s conditions are such as to develop the uprising of the Mapuche Nation.


Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


Family Communique on the Arrest of Ernesto Lincoyam LLaitul Pezoa

Monday, May 30th, 2016

The family of Mapuche Political Prisoner, Ernesto Lincoyam LLaitul Pezoa, through this communique denounce the following:

  1. The arrest of our son and brother is an illegal detention, since the charges came about through an unjustified identification check, thereby lacking intent in carrying out a crime.
  2. “The youth had been spotted climbing stairs in order to rob a house in the area,” the Prosecution pointed out to the judge during the bail hearing. Meanwhile, the press has stated they had been using a vehicle, whereby both versions are false.
  3. The “identity check” was carried out by 10 plain-clothed police officers who were on foot, as well as in various vehicles, and did not provide identification, or the reason for the arrest. The arrestees were not read their rights, nor were they provided any assistance by health officials, and were taken in unmarked vehicles (pick-up trucks) to Special Police headquarters in [the southern Chilean city of] Los Angeles.
  4. The arrest was carried out on Friday, May 27that 3pm, followed by a bail hearing on Saturday, May 28th at 11:30am, during which time no information was given on his condition and could not be seen by family.
  5. The first person to appear in court to present the charges was Bio-Bio Provincial Governor, Rodrigo Diaz. At the same time, the judge, Cherie Palomera Astroza, impeded the access of family members into the court, while authorizing the entry of the press.
  6. Therefore, the arrest of Ernesto was not a random event, but pertained to a planned operation of political persecution against the CAM, and a new generation of militants and Pu Weichafe [Warriors] who have continued this strategic struggle.
  7. Finally, we would like to remember the Mapuche youth of today are the same children that have lived and suffered the repressive policies of the Chilean State against our Mapuche Nation. These repressive measures have included the militarization, the raids with weapons of war in Mapuche communities, the imprisonment of their parents, and the murder of Mapuche youth, such as Alex Lemun and Matias Catrileo. This is why we strongly reject the cynicism and complicity of the business world with that of the Provincial Governor, Rodrigo Diaz and Senator Harboe, among others, who react when a People defends itself and resists capitalist investment and genocidal policies.

Free Ernesto Llaitul!

Free the Mapuche Political Prisoners!

Free the Mapuche Nation!

Family of Mapuche Political Prisoner, Ernesto Lincoyan Llaitul Pezoa


Public Communique by Mapuche Political Prisoner Ernesto Llaitul

May 29th, 2016

To my Mapuche Nation, and public and international opinion, I declare the following:

Kiñe: On Friday, May 27th, 2016, I was detained by the Brigade of Special Investigations of the PDI in a planned police operative, which contradicts the claim that it was a routine identity check.

Epu: The operative is part of a new attempt to break down the dignified expressions of our Mapuche Nation. This is especially the case considering the arrest was targeted towards public representatives of our organization in a time of ongoing autonomist mobilization towards liberation.

Kila: I take on political prison with the maximum dignity meant for a Weichafe [Warrior] of my people and I am proud of the autonomist Mapuche liberation struggle this process entails.

Meli: I recognize my militancy in the Arauco Malleco Coordinating Committee (CAM) as an autonomist Mapuche organization, and therefore my image and condition as a political prisoner should not be used by any other political expression. Especially not in any kind of negotiation process, since as a member of the CAM, my principles and political line have always been to work and struggle for territorial control and for true Mapuche resistance against Capital as an autonomist and revolutionary.

Kechu: Lastly, I call on our organization and my Mapuche Nation to continue resisting unto the advancement of Capitalism, to continue exerting territorial control and to lift a proposal of National Mapuche Liberation confronting the transnational corporations in our historic Wallmapu.

AMULEPE TAINWEICHAN!! And Less Negotiations

Ernesto Lincoyan Llaitul Pezoa, Mapuche Political Prisoner CAM

Mulchen Prison

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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