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Check out WCCC [Toronto] 5th publication of PVRON FVU at this year’s Montreal Anarchist Bookfair. Featuring ongoing Mapuche resistance in Wallmapu, the publication includes the development of Mapuche resistance group, Weichan Auka Mapu, an anarchist analysis of the devastating $hilean Red Tide, and other anti-authoritarian updates from so-called Chile. We will be at CEDA = Centre d’éducation populaire de la Petite-Bourgogne et de St-Henri (2515 rue Delisle) on Saturday, May 28th and Sunday May 29th. See you there!


Chile’s Red Tide: On the Catastrophe of the Salmon Farms and Maritime Devastation

Chile’s Red Tide: On the Catastrophe of the Salmon Farms and Maritime Devastation

Source: Metiendo Ruido

An anarchist critique and propaganda unto the deranged machinery of death

Red Tide Chile

“Ecosystems will mutate rapidly and radically thanks to human stupidity, expressed in buckets of genetic manipulation. Once a new agent or gene is released on an ecosystem, it cannot recuperate itself: the ecosystem mutates. The number of variables is infinite, impossible to predict, impossible to regulate and there is no turning back: once an ecosystem is modified it cannot go back to what it was. One mistake kills hundreds of species, and mutates many others…. And human beings do not live beyond the ecosystem.” Anticivilization Manifesto

“The last few catastrophes were not caused by ‘nature,’ they were caused by Capitalist configuration of the space affected.” 8 Critical Hypothesis on the latest ecological catastrophes in Chile.

Devastation and extraction have reached disproportionate levels of death and toxicity. The true and only face of Capital, the State, and their technocrats demonstrate the misery of their path of destruction.

The exploitation of nature has always been a necessary condition for the accumulation of Capital and Power. All societal machinery (understood as a hierarchical relationship as a fundamental principle) functions through the exploitation of the earth, the sea, living beings and all which can be considered part of enriching its merchandise. The use of fossil fuels are an example of this, carbon emissions and whatever else allows them to make more weapons for their wars and generate new forms of control. This is not chauvinism speaking; it is the crude reality of a monster with tentacles!

In recent time, we have bared witness to the arrogance of the salmon farms, the State, their authorities that endorse these farms, and their technocrats that sicken us with their justifications. These companies glorify themselves by claiming they provide jobs, doing nothing else than impose capitalist ways of life in areas where people still manage to live differently. It is here where they have left death in their path, where they install their machinery and cause social disaster in communities both in material dispossession, as well as with the natural surroundings.

The same company (Marine Harvest) that introduced the salmon virus in so-called Chilean territory, now uses 5 times as many chemicals in the water than they did two years ago. The salmon are in a situation of enclosure and holocaust, introduced as objects in disgusting cages to the taste of hungry citizens for consumption. The salmon industry had been affected by “sea fleas,” bacteria, and viral sickness in situations of environmental collapse the Patagonian sea could not detain. The face of this agony is seen today in the Regions of Los Lagos and Aysen, with thousands of rotting salmon reaching the shores of the austral region after having been killed by the algae bloom by the very industry and services supported by the State.

It isn’t a climate phenomenon which unleashed the Red Tide that caused the disaster. It isn’t just rising sea temperatures, the lack of winds, the high solar radiation. But mainly, it is also the eutrophication of the ocean from the stellar enrichment of nutrients generated by the Salmon farming industry, from companies such as SERNAPESCA and SUBPESCA in the Patagonian ocean, supported by the State, hiding behind the broader issue of climate change. The eutrophication of the ocean not only reflects the appearance of the “Red Tide” or algae blooms, but also the anaerobic (or suffocating) conditions in the ocean, due to the amount of organic material (or carbon) within the water that surpasses the capacity of the ecosystem to absorb, recycle or dispense of waste. An anaerobic condition is a situation in which aquatic life cannot survive, due to the low levels of oxygen dissolved in the water or sediment. The Salmon farming industry supports this condition perpetually, since every kilogram of salmon feed placed in the ocean is equal in nitrogen to the sewage waste of 15 people.

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11 Mapuche arrested for Luchsinger-Mackey Case, Lissette Melillan: “The [Chilean] Government uses the Police to Guard Cows”

11 Mapuche arrested for Luchsinger-Mackey Case

Call to action in Wallmapu in solidarity with Machi (Medicine Healer) Francisca Linconao in front of Temuco Prison, where she and other Mapuche Political Prisoners are being held.

On March 30th, 2016, 11 Mapuche community members were arrested and charged with alleged involvement in the incendiary attack that provoked the death of the Luchsinger Mackay couple in 2013.

The mass arrest was carried out by an enormous police operative of special forces (PDI). More than 100 detectives participated in the arrests, wherein 20 homes were raided in the area of Lumahue in the early mourning hours.

The 11 detained, including Machi [Medicine Healer) Franscisca Linconao, were transferred to police headquarters of Temuco and charged with terrorist arson resulting in death. The undersecretary of the Interior Ministry would announce the charges as being terrorist in nature, and would be the fifth time the Chilean Executive branch under Michelle Bachelet would have implemented terrorist related charges in cases related to Mapuche land claims.

The question of due process, however, is highlighted in the contradictory testimony of Mapuche community member, Jose Peralino, who publicly refuted his earlier testimony against the other accused on their alleged participation in the arson attack of 2013. Peralino alleges that he was subject to intimidation and torture at the hands of Chilean police, and therefore, his testimony held no validity in a court of law.

Family members of the Mapuche community members are demanding the immediate release of the Mapuche Political Prisoners, as well as an end to the application of the Anti-Terrorist Law, and the continued mobilization of Mapuche communities. The only other conviction of a Mapuche community member in relation to the Luchsinger Mackay case was in the case of Machi (Medicine Healer) Celestino Cordova, who was sentenced to 40 years in prison under the charge of terrorist arson resulting in death.

The following is an interview to the spokesperson of the Mapuche Political Prisoners charged under the Luchsinger- Mackay case, Lissette Melillan.

With files from El Mostrador

WCCC [Toronto]

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Mapuche Resistance Group, Weichan Auka Mapu, Claims more than 30 Sabotage Attacks

Simbolo_weichan_auka_mapu-696x431Mapuche Resistance Group, Weichan Auka Mapu, Claims more than 30 Sabotage Attacks

The group “Weichan Auka Mapu, the Struggle in Rebellious Territory” reached out to País Mapuche in an email clarifying its position unto the current phase of the Mapuche-Chilean Conflict.

In their statement, they explain their political position. Further, they defend armed struggle, claiming more than thirty actions of sabotage in Williche, Wenteche and Lafquenche territory. The actions are claimed through their symbol, a Kultrún with an arrow and a hunting rifle. At the end of the communique, the actions that have affected the Chilean Catholic Church are clarified and also claimed.

The original communique is presented in the following:

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Words from Sol Farías Vergara, $hilean Political Prisoner


Words from Tamara Sol Farías Vergara (Castellano Abajo)
$hile: Summer 2016

When you have been behind bars in isolation from the rest of the prison population, daily existence becomes difficult in such a small space, where society and its roles are intensified and adaption becomes a daily struggle to resist being swept by its morale and its desire to consume. Thieves, drug traffickers and murderers internalize the State and its Power, as with its authority.

I seek to reach out without ceasing to be myself, without the isolation that the police implements. We are not all that different, only that the chains that tie them down become ties that I do not wish to let go of, whereby tensions become routine. Life is unwrapped in what we are more than words can explain, but when will turns into a specific schedule to wake, eat and sleep, the battle against the established order begins in the abstract of ideas and in memory. It begins in the search for the smallest details or gestures of honesty not yet contaminated by competition between poor people, since the walls are great, the bars and locks are as well, and are in the hands of a physical enemy the size of a territory. I see going against it now as nothing but increases its power, therefore, I patiently wait the right moment for liberation, and in this way find the theory and practice in life itself.

My heart belongs to the land and without fear the strength of nature pushes me on, it rises me to continue. The solidarity of comrades is what I respect the most: our values are made palpable away from domination and abuse, creating an anarchic relation of space based on affinity and trust far removed from self-interest. If I forget, my blood boils with every provocation of this State, reminding me of the exploiting and immune enemies. This is what is forgotten by delinquents, who do not see the structure that we are part of. This lack of indifference is what differentiates us, to look beyond and study our objectives more thoroughly, and would give us a greater meaning to our lives. At the same time, it would better reflect our reality, positioned clearly in the space we find ourselves in. Our experience is not much, but our knowledge is sufficient to visualize where we stand and where we are going. It is necessary to take risks to learn and become wiser at the time of action.

Against patriarchal society and techno-industrial civilization. Let us not become indifferent unto the exploitation and abuse. A heartfelt hug from this side of the continent to all those who feel how their blood calls on the need to combat the society of consumption and power.

Clarity, patience and caution.
Long live anarchy!

Tamara Sol Farías Vergara

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


Letras de Sol
Verano 2016

Cuando ya se lleva más de dos años encerrada en aislamiento del resto de la población penal, se hace un poco difícil la cotidianidad en un espacio pequeño donde la sociedad y sus roles se intensifican y donde adaptarse es una lucha diaria por no ser arrastrada por la corriente de su moral y sus anhelos por consumir. Ladronas, narcotraicantes y homicidas naturalizan el Estado y el Poder como también la autoridad.

Busco relacionarme sin dejar de ser yo, sin el aislamiento que la policía quiere. No somos muy distintas, solo que las cadenas que a ellas las atan se vuelven para mi ataduras a las que no estoy dispuesta a ceder, por lo que las tensiones son parte de la rutina.
Más que las palabras, la vida y cómo cada una se desenvuelve es lo que somos, y cuando la voluntad se vuelve un horario para levantarse, comer y dormir, comienza la batalla contra el orden establecido en el abstracto de las ideas y los recuerdos, en la búsqueda de pequeños detalles o gestos de honestidad sin contaminación de competencia entre gente pobre, pues las paredes son grandes, las rejas y candados también, se está en manos de un enemigo físico del porte del territorio. Veo que ir contra él ahora no sería más que aumentar su poder, entonces, paciente espero el momento oportuno para la liberación y así se encuentren la idea y el acto en la vida misma.

Mi corazón le pertenece a la tierra y sin miedo la fuerza de la naturaleza me empuja, me levanta a continuar. La solidaridad de lxs compañerxs es lo que más se respeta, nuestros valores se hacen palpables alejados de la dominación y el abuso, haciendo posible un espacio anárquico de relaciones en base a la afinidad y confianza lejos del interés. Si olvido, la sangre me hierbe con cada provocación de este Estado pero fijo tengo el norte en los enemigos explotadores y malditos impunes. Esos que los delincuentes olvidan, sin ver la estructura de la que formamos parte. La necesidad por no quedar indiferente es lo que nos diferencia, ir más allá y buscar estudiar mejor nuestros objetivos, le darían aún más sentido a nuestras vidas, al mismo tiempo que reflejarían mejor la realidad que conformamos posicionándonos claramente en el sitio donde queremos encontrarnos.

Nuestra experiencia no es mucha, nuestros conocimientos nos alcanzan para visualizar de qué lado somos y para dónde vamos, pero es necesario correr riesgos para aprender y volvernos más sabias a la hora de actuar.

Contra la sociedad patriarcal y la civilización tecnoindustrial, por no quedar indiferente frente a la explotación y el abuso, un caluroso abrazo desde este lado del continente a todxs quienes de ese lado sienten cómo la sangre les tira a combatir la sociedad del consumo y el poder.

Claridad, paciencia y cautela.
Viva la anarquía.


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