In (Insurrect) Memory of Mauricio Morales. Fiery Solidarity with Natally, Juan and Guillermo on 30 + Day Hunger Strike.

nataly nataly1Written statement found in between the barricades and Molotov cocktails at the AustralUniversity of Chile (UACH), around noon on Wednesday May 13th, 2015:

“It is the time to act in our everyday life with our affine ones, for the destruction of the industrial prison complex and any social attempt to reform that disgusting system of death. Solidarity must never be an empty phrase, but an everyday action confronting power and supporting those who are sequestered in this war to the death.” Mauricio Morales.

It is now May, and we cannot forget the date that is arriving. The death of an anarchist brother who fell during the unexpected explosion of a bomb, which would have detonated under the noses of the bastard torturers known as prison guards, on that cold night of May 22nd, 2009.

It has now been 6 years since Maury’s passing, a painful parting for all those who feel a call to action. Not for those cowards that fill their mouths with pretty words of future societies and the like. No! We refer to the anti-authoritarian environment that carries action and solidarity in their hands. Not empty words, but hatred towards all forms of Power and Authority, as well as the unconditional love for our fallen and imprisoned comrades.

With this action, we remember Maury for his courage, for his contributions in the struggle against power. Because of course, our comrade did not just struggle a single night, but an entire life of combat.

Helping out in social centres, occupations, workshops, libraries, various events, meetings, barricades, university actions, confrontations with the police, and so much else. His environment is proud of him, and they carry him with them and express their love to the comrades that wish to remember him in various ways.

We did not know him personally, but we feel the need to remember him with fire and propaganda, so that these dates will never go unnoticed. We feel the love and the pain of his siblings that insist in having an iconoclastic memory, which is dignified of being rekindled and greeted. A strong hug to all of them, strength to you all and may this actions and these words bring about a smile on your face in these difficult days. Our accomplice actions to you all with always continue on the same path.

We act in order to attack the prevailing order, its symbols and defenders, sharpening this conflict against Power. We bring onto the streets the insurrect memory of Mauricio Morales and of course, not forgetting our sisters and brothers who resist in prison. Our fire is in direct revolutionary solidarity with Nataly Casanova. Juan Flores and Guillermo Duran that so far have carried out a 30 day hunger strike.

We know that since last September 2014, a witch hunt began in order to save the entities of “public safety” of absolute failure in order to find those responsible for the explosive artifacts that detonated in Santiago (Escuela Militar, SUbcentro and two Police Divisions).

In the middle of an ominous investigation that sustains itself primarily on the mass media serving those in Power, those who are arrested are Nataly Casanova and Juan Flores. They are arrested under the infamous Anti-Terrorist law, leaving them in pre-trial prison for 10 months, along with Guillermo Duran who was left on complete house arrest for the same period.

During the last few months, the comrades have confronted the judicial processes with dignity, despite the constant harassment made by the prison guards.

This constant hit against our comrades by those in Power has been followed by the arrest of yet another person. Enrique Guzman, a friend of those charged was also arrested in connection with the case, for the sole fact that he had maintained his systematic support and solidarity to the prisoners.

On April 14th, 2015, comrades Nataly Casanova, Juan Flores and Guillermo Duran initiated a liquid indefinite hunger strike with a statement that demands the following:

 Immediate charges to be dropped against Enrique Alfonso Guzman Amadeo, considering the ridiculous accusations, and absurd evidence presented by the Prosecutor.

 To present DNA evidence that has been lacking in the case thus far. Currently the DNA tests show there to be no definitive link between the accused and any explosive artifact. The Prosecutor has argued that traces can be found after the incident, even when forensic experts discard its validity as evidence.

 An end to the harassment and persecution that the repressive forces have enabled against our loved ones and our environment. In this way seeking to threaten and criminalize those that wish to manifest their active and unconditional love and support Clear proof of this is the harassment demonstrated by the arrest of our comrade Enrique, who has decided to help us periodically, with nothing to hide from anyone. This as well as the arrest of a friend who was taken by the neck and taken into an unmarked car.

 This harassment must be stopped both in and out of prison, since we are also harassed by Chilean prison guards. Our response has been in no way submissive, which has made us suffer quite a bit of punishment and aggression.

 We demand an immediate solution for our comrade Nataly Antonieta Casanova Muñoz, who has been in severe isolation since her arrival at the San Miguel prison. Prison guards have ignored the order to change her unit and thus our comrade is in a state of “prison limbo.” Wedemand the immediate transfer of our comrade so she may have contact with other inmates and more time outdoors (she has only had an hour of yard time since she came to the prison, which is highly unusual).


With Maury in our Memory and Anarchist Action!

Not a single minute of silence! An Entire Life of Combat!

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

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