Mapuche Political Prisoners Reach Agreement after 47 Days on Hunger Strike

Huelga de Hambre terminado       This past Friday, the Mapuche Political Prisoners that were on hunger strike in Angol prison (so-called southern Chile), reached an agreement with the Government, the Minister of Justice and Minister of Health.

The four Peñi [Brothers], two of which have been convicted and two of which are awaiting trial under judicial set-ups, therefore stopped the mobilization. Freddy Marileo, the spokesperson for the Mapuche Political Prisoners, explained that the agreement consisted in the transferring Peñi Luis Marileo and Cristian Melinao to the Centre for Study and Work (CET) of Angol, in less than 20 days.

On the other hand, the Peñi Claudio Huentecol and Miguel Toro, who remain in Angol prison, asked for an improvement in visiting hours and in case of conviction, they would be immediately transferred to the Centre for Study and Work of Angol.

The spokesperson stated that they “will remain alert in the case of continuing the mobilization. At this moment, there has not been a concrete agreement, which will only be solidified once the Peñi are transferred to the CET or all of our demands have been met.”

The hunger strike has thus come to an end, and the Mapuche Political Prisoners will be transferred to Victoria Hospital in order to stabilize their health and go through various medical checkups, after having lost between 12 and 20 Kg of weight during the 47 day hunger strike.

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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