Mapuche Community Member Killed Run Over by Estate Worker with Tractor

Tractor used to kill José Mauricio Quintriqueo Huaiquimil, Oct 1st, 2014

Editor’s Note: The tragic murder of José Mauricio Quintriqueo Huaiquimil, was made in the context of a land reclamation supported by the CONADI (National Corporation for Indigenous Development), wherein reclamations of land are taken by the State institution and then privately distributed amoung community members in divided parcels of land. It has always been our position that this kind of reallocation of land does nothing more than to reallign Capitalism on our territories, and reaffirms the Chilean State’s jurisdiction on Wallmapu, thus does not allow for the Mapuche People’s true autonomy and sovereingty as a Nation. That said, the fact that José Quintriqueo was murdered during a reclamation condoned by a State institution like the CONADI speaks volumes to the kind of racist, colonial hatred that exists against the Mapuche People within the area. This especially when a worker of the Estate is capable of defending the very people, the Estate landlords, who exploit their labour by mercelessly killing a Mapuche community member. News in development. More to come.  WCCC [Toronto]


Mapuche Community Member Killed Run Over by Estate Worker with Tractor

A Mapuche community member was killed today when 20 indigenous peoples entered the Nilpe Estate, in the province of Araucania. In the middle of the scuffle, a worker of the Estate ran over him with a tractor, which would result in his death.

According to police, the victim is identified as 32 year old José Mauricio Quintriqueo Huaiquimil, who died when Mapuche entered the Estate without permission

“We are at the scene together with specialized personnel with the goal of establishing the causes and circumstances under which this occured,”said Officer Oscar Oettinger, quoted by the newspaper La Tercera.

The body of Quintriqueo was transfered to the Hospital of Galvarino, where it will then be transfered to medical legal services.

According to the site Soy Chile, police in Galvarino arrested the suspect that ran over the man, identified as José Cañete, who was left in custody and will face his bail hearing on Thursday.

Enrique Llanquileo, Werken [Spokesperson] of the Nilpe community, pointed out “We found ourselves on a visit to the Estate, in order to propose a land transfer to the CONADI. We were just verifying where we would be able to stay, and without provocation, this cannibal came and through the tractor against our Peñi [brother]. He could have killed many more.”

Along those line, he added: “We were just walking. We have always wanted to maintain open dialog, we don’t wear masks and always face things openly. We have occupied the Estate for a good two or three months. Yes we have it occupied, but we have never used violence. And this cannibal, because he wanted to keep his job, came and sent the tractor running. He killed him twice while dragging him. This is a murder.”

The Mapuche leader, José Naín, maintained that he was at the site, nonetheless, there had been no incidents since the two months the Nilpe community had occupied the site.

The Clinic


Open Communique of the Rankilko Mapuche Community unto the Murder of Mapuche from Galvarino

The Rankilko Mapuche Community of the township of Ercilla communicates the following to public opinion:

We wish to express our most profound pain for the cowardly murder of our Mapuche brother, José Quintriqeo, of the town of Galvarino. We outright denounce this action and hope that the government does not limit itself or hidein denouncing this tragic and cowardly incident. We also hope that the government respond urgently to their legitimate political and territorial demads.

Rankilko Mapuche Community

Wallmapu, Ercilla

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Funeral procession, Thursday, Oct 2nd, 2014
Protests in Santiago regarding Mapuche murder
Protests in Santiago regarding Mapuche murder



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