Unto the Threats of Power: No Silence or Complacency

lienzoporcasopompasssAugust 2014

Four years after the “Salamandra” police operative, otherwise known as “The [Chilean] Bombs Case,” the repressive tactics used by the police and the media continue to seek the imprisonment of our comrades, in a climate of Antiterrorist hysteria. The State tirelessly discloses its goal to seek revenge for the [Anarchist] “Bombs Case”, and against the various Court cases that have allowed our comrades to walk free.

The following is a text sent to our email on the resurrected phantom of the Anarchist Bombs case.

Four years after the repressive streak of the [Chilean Anarchist] Bombs Case, we do not forget our beloved comrades Monica and Francisco, who are currently held hostage by the Spanish State. We are not talking about a past struggle, but one that is ever present.

Unto the Threats of Power: No Silence or Complacency

Spread the revolt for the total liberation with all forms of struggle, and against all authority!!

In the last few weeks, we have seen through the media how the Powerful have initiated a new offensive against the Anti-Authoritarian/Anarchist community. Once again, we can see how the newspapers and news channels have propagated the idea of trapping those responsible for various arson attacks and explosions that have taken place since 2011. Alleged suspects are turned into convicts through the media, with the end of validating future repressive waves unto so-called “public opinion,”unleashing possible identities, accusations, and investigative lines.

This is not a new context considering the continuation of strategies that the Powerful have developed throughout history to annihilate all forms of radical expression and revolutionary struggle. Moreover, we have a recent case in 2010 that unleashed a mass media campaign that prepared the way to “Operation Salamandra” led by then Prosecutor Peña, through which many homes, social centres, squat houses were raided under charges for the alleged [Chilean Anarchist] “Bombs Case.” The accused spent a year in prison and ended up being absolved by the Courts due to lack of evidence.

Today, the enemy once again begins to mobilize their media mongrels and repressive forces to point out signs of governability and control unto the growing number of actions (which have included explosives and arson)  claimed by Anarchist groups and others claimed by those in power to have been allegedly done by groups of the same kind. Those in power have configured a scenario that promotes a kind of collective psychosis towards bomb blasts, at the same time that the media displays plausible police theories, both new and old, on the alleged identity of those responsible for these attacks, thereby socially necessitating their capture.

Resistance to police raids on the Sacco and Vanzetti squat
Resistance to police raids on the Sacco and Vanzetti squat

This media display and its correlating subsequent repression – with meetings between high intelligence authorities, the Executive power, State prosecution, and the police – have had their eyes focused on the string of attacks that have taken place during the months of May and June, 2014 (claimed by anarchist groups), and more recently on the bomb that exploded in the middle of July on a subway train during late operating hours (which NO group has claimed), among other cases. But beyond this recent contingency, those in power and their intelligence apparatus had already reactivated their media offensive through the arrest of comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar in November 2013 [(the two former accused under the Chilean Anarchist Bombs case)], accused of placing explosive artifacts against various churches.

Anarchist Comrade Tarama Sol Vergara undergoing trial
Anarchist Comrade Tarama Sol Vergara undergoing trial

Later allegations of police conjectures continued after the death of comrade Sebastian Oversluij in December 2013 during a bank expropriation, which later was also brought on by the arrest of Tamara Sol, whom shot a bank guard in January 2014, as well as with judicial circus and conviction of the comrades accused under the “Security Case”.

Who looks for the enemy today? Simple, we only have to look at the mass media and its role as the spokesperson for those in power. What those in power seek is to plant the idea that behind the latest attacks there are mainly comrades that are already being investigated or have been previously accused (such as with the Anarchist “Bombs Case”) that have continued being active and in solidarity with prisoners of this social war.

The enemy seeks to validate the idea that revolutionary solidarity is the same as placing explosive artifacts, and that anarchist struggle is only sustained through bombs, therefore anyone who is active in the struggle could very well be persecuted. In order to achieve this, the representatives of those in power modify the Antiterrorist Law to amplify its repressive grasp with undercover agents and other intelligence techniques that are characteristic of police control over drug trafficking.

As we have already stated, revolutionary experience throughout history demonstrates that these kinds of tactics are part of the various methods used by agents of power to neutralize and annihilate movements, as well as communities of struggle that propagate rebellion against the existing system of domination. This would stop the extension of the conflict against Power towards other areas of struggle, and the propagation of other ideas and practices of liberation throughout various areas of society.

Nevertheless, the incarceration of comrades and the attack of a collective community of struggle is what us being sought after in the short term.

Unto this, our position is not to victimize ourselves, nor is it to clean the image of the Anti-authoritarian offensive, or anarchist “ideology” in fact. Nor is it to allow ourselves to be subdued by silence and complacency leaving open ground for those who wish to make society into a graveyard of obedience, resignation and cowardice.

We call out to all anti-authoritarian comrades to take on this context with a collective perspective; unto the steps led by those in power, let us forward our solidarity with our comrades that are being singled out by the media and defend our positions of struggle with all the means at our reach. The Anti-authoritarian struggle does not create hierarchy between comrades nor means of struggle, for which every gesture, as small as it may appear to be, could help in stopping the encirclement of those in power. Stopping them by proposing Anti-authoritarian ideas, values, and practices that clearly identify the enemy.

This war is against Power, which today is sharpened with the continuity of struggle and rebellion that unites so many Anarchist and Revolutionary comrades in history, as well as in the present. We are called to action unto the attack of our ideas and comrades in struggle in this as well as distant territories, combating annihilation and the desire to become detached from the current reality.

Let silence and complacency not leave the door open for repression. Today is when we demonstrate what we are really made of in this struggle.

To propagate the Anti-Authoritarian offensive in various ways against all forms of authority.

Some relentless Anarchists

Publicaciones Refractario

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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