The Chilean Security Case: Juan Aliste Convicted to 42 years in Prison + Words from Juan , Freddy, Marcelo and Carlos

The Chilean Security Case: Juan Aliste Convicted to 42 years in Prison


July 2nd, 2014

Source: Radio Bio-Bio

The ex –member of the Lautaro Youth Movement (MJL) was convicted to 42 years in prison for four charges that include the killing of Officer Luis Moyano of the Chilean National Police Force, in October 2007.

Aliste was convicted to 18 years for the [alleged] murder of Moyano, as well as another 10 for [the alleged] attempted murder of Officer Renan Abarca.

Moreover, he was convicted to another 14 years for his [alleged] participation in the armed robberies of two banks; Santander in Valparaiso (2007) and Security (2007) which ended with the killing of the officer.

Freddy Fuentevilla was convicted to 15 years in prison for [alleged] attempted murder and armed robbery, while Marcelo Villaroel was convicted to 15 years for the armed robberies of the Security and Santander banks.

After the sentences were read, Aliste’s Defence Attorneys announced they would read their client’s sentence and present a motion to invoke the annulment of the trial.

Nonetheless, Prosecutor Ricardo Peña stated that he believed “there is no transgression or evidence in the Prosecution’s case that would result in the annulment of this trail, and we are absolutely certain that in Case the Court does annul the trial, it will integrally ratify what the Oral Court has resolved.”

Despite having solicited life in prison for Aliste, Peña stated that he was at peace with the sentence announced this Wednesday.

“One is never satisfied in assisting in a trial of this nature, and therefore I am merely at peace with what has been a very large sentence,” he stated.

Moyano’s Widow: We are very happy

The widow of Officer Moyano, Paola Riveros, came to the hearing and stated that she was “at peace, satisfied, and as a family very happy because after 7 years justice has been served to my husband and now I hope that they pay for what they did.”

Riveros also commented on the absence of the accused, stating that “they knew what they were facing and decided not expose themselves, but we wanted to be here.”


A Few Words unto the Sentencing of Comrades Freddy, Marcelo and Juan

June 30th, 2014

With Wholeness and Conviction,

We are here with Revolutionary wholeness – the kind that does not fit on paper – with the Libertarian skin and conviction, integral in the direct confrontation of the Capitalist State and its machinery of subjugation. We do not negate our associations and our memory is present in a continuum of struggle and resistance.

Today the democratic inquisition of Justice to the tune of its media carrion will publically celebrate the announcement of their sentences, in this way pretending to perpetuate our lives in prison. In the presence of this confrontational war with Power, it is important to mention that we are part of a greater whole who struggle. We are the palpable result of a conscience that will not bend and will resist to live under the designated subjugation of the Capital god, of domination and its entire authoritarian framework that seeks to annul our dreams, desires and necessities of Total Liberation.

Our conscience calls us; the struggle is our lives as autonomous subversives. It is for this reason we greet people for their everyday practices of anti-prison solidarity. It is with this same intensity that we call out on this July 2nd, the same day that the Democratic Inquisition of Justice will convict us, and manifest our condemnation and repudiation to everything that reeks of Power and its imposed order.

Let this day be another excuse for more subversion; that the streets and any corner of the world be fertile ground for individual or collective action, from the simple to the complex. Any real gesture is lined with wholeness when it points towards Power.

We inform all our dear comrades, family and close ones that we will not assist the lecture of our sentences. This is part of the show, of the circus theatre and we do not care for it. We call out on everyone to autonomously manifest themselves in every space and place they find appropriate.

We send a complicit, revolutionary, libertarian hug with all our affection for those who struggle.

Prisoners onto the Streets: Streets for the Insurrection!!


Only Struggle will set us Free!

While there is Misery, there will be Rebellion!

Freddy, Marcelo, Carlos, and Juan

Maximum Security Prison, Santiago $hile

June 27th, 2014


Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu



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