The Democratic Inquisition: The $hilean Security Case [Juan Aliste, Marcelo Villaroel, Freddy Fuentevilla & Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo] – CALL OUT FOR SOLIDARITY

portadadipticocasosecurity[Editor’s Note: The trial of the accused in the Chilean Security Case (Juan Aliste, Marcelo Villaroel, Freddy Fuentevilla specifically) has been ongoing since late March 2014. This is a summary of their case, written right before the trial began and serves as useful background knowledge of what our comrades have had to go through in being criminalized by the State. We call out for solidarity for our brothers in this case in the hope that they may be with us soon, inspiring rebellion in every corner of the world.]

February 24th, 2014

“Because no sentence shall be eternal, and no prison can be Maximum Security” – Claudia Lopez

“An assault, a dead police officer and the campaigns of extermination. Sometimes it’s expensive to defend the rich.” Alexander M. Jacob.

On October 18th, 2007, an assault was carried out on the Security Bank in the middle of Santiago, $hile’s downtown core. Police closed off the perimeter surrounding the branch with the objective of trapping those who committed the assault. It is in this way that a motorcycle is intercepted, leading to the armed confrontation between the suspects and police, leaving one of the police officers, Luis Moyano, dead at the scene, and another wounded.

Downtown Santiago erupts in chaos and the hunt for the alleged assailants begins in revenge. The Intelligence Department of the Chilean National Police makes a quick assessment of how the assault took place, characterizing the participants, type of weaponry and retreat. After the quick analysis, they determine their sentence: the alleged authors had been ex-members of a subversive group.

The case is then distributed widely with a powerful media campaign, allowing for the widow as well as the children of the deceased Officer to appear in various media press conferences and interviews. Official honours were granted to the Officer’s figure and the threats against the alleged participants of the assault are widely distributed without question.

Within a month, one of the alleged suspects is arrested. Three days later, the suspect hands in the names and photographs of the alleged members of the group. This testimony – constructed from within and for the framework of Power- is blessed with complete disregard and is then transformed into the irrefutable truth to be shown to society and the courts. The faces of Freddy Fuentevilla , Juan Aliste, Marcelo Villaroel and Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo are exposed and analyzed by the press, which begin to speak of biometric expertise and greater forensic evidence.

The police also then begin to circulate phone numbers for citizens to call in for information; instigating the public to report any movement or appearance of the suspects, which at that point had virtually been found guilty. Threats through the press are sent out and the message in between the lines reads loud and clear: wanted dead or alive. Raids are carried out at the houses of their comrades, their families and couples, but there is no sign of them anywhere. The police encirclement expands, but does not manage to trap them.

Orders to Capture: To whom are they directed?

“We have chosen the weight of our elections and we have no intension of softening our decisions.”– Conspiracy Cells of Fire.

Caso SecurityThe powerful show the list of names and photographs of the alleged participants of the armed robbery, in order to dissuade the suspects of any mode of resistance, thereby politically isolating them from their support networks, marginalizing and delegitimizing their history of struggle.

However, the comrades did not only have a history of struggle, but also a present and a future of struggle. The four that were denominated as having participated in the armed bank robbery were also active rebels that maintained struggle and confrontation during the democratic transition; without distinguishing between the costume changes of the past authority and present administrators of Capital and the State.

Each with their own specific realties and objectives, the comrades articulate themselves within a particular framework of struggle, as they themselves define as follows:

  •    FREDDY FUENTEVILLA: Ex-militant of the Leftist Revolutionary Movement (MIR), and active Autonomous Anti-Capitalist.
  •    CARLOS GUTIERREZ QUIDULEO: Ex-militant of the Lautaro Youth Movement (MJL), and active Weichafe [Warrior].
  •     JUAN ALISTE: Ex-militant of the Lautaro Youth Movement (MJL), and active Anti-Capitalist subversive.
  •     MARCELO VILLAROEL: Ex-militant of the Lautaro Youth Movement (MJL), active Autonomous Subversive and Anti-authoritarian.

Present in many instances, the comrades feel the need to go underground unto the death threats uttered to them by the voices of Power. Moreover, a hunt is unleashed by security forces that orchestrate the perfect scenario for their physical annihilation, legitimizing the extermination of the Revolutionaries.

Freddy and Marcelo are detained and imprisoned in Argentina on March 15th, 2008, then initially charged with possession of a weapon. They were submitted to a long list of regimented punishment, being continuously held in isolation, with long periods of daily enclosure, gathering resistance against every inch that would bring them closer to the insanity of living without natural or artificial light, or a yard to walk in. This trend of isolation continues when transferred back to Chile, validated under the Maximum Security regimen for security reasons, invisibilized in what is known the Maximum Security Prison in Santiago.

When the comrades complete half their sentences in Argentina, they are then expulsed to Chile. Juan was also detained in Argentina, on July 9th 2010 and expulsed immediately, served on a silver platter to the Chilean Justice system.

Carlos manages to continue underground in Mapuche Territory until November 28th, 2013.

Each comrade maintains their firm integrity to the ways of life they choose to lead; in their decision to struggle that has been strengthened throughout the years, through every blow of repression but also through the joy and love of the revolt itself. Rejecting the values of Power and servile monotony is not a passive or momentary decision, but an unbreakable continuum.

Judicial Labyrinths of Bureaucratic Annihilation

“My arrest reveals the fear to the ghost of resistance. My arrest results from the will to annihilate any radical alternative to the verbose paralysis and of the comedies that rupture the system and its tortures. Despite it all, the struggle continues.” – Jean Marc Roullian

The collaboration of the Chilean and Argentinean States to seek the capture of Freddy, Marcelo and Juan are reminiscent of the Anti-subversive plan dubbed Operation Condor, which was implemented during era of Latin American dictatorships.

It is in this way that the judicial proceedings begin upon the arrival of Freddy and Marcelo to Chilean jails, this time under the framework of the Military Court system at the hands of Prosecutor Reveco, recognized accomplice to many torturers and judicial lynch man during the dictatorship. Once Juan is arrested and expulsed to Chile, he is placed under the same case as Freddy and Marcelo; that is, under Martial Law.

Within the prison itself, Juan Freddy and Marcelo have been separated into the three different ranges at the Maximum Security Prison. The restrictions imposed by the administration of the prison are continuous, with non-stop cell raids, as well as ongoing harassment to visiting family and comrades.

In 2010, the Military Court system is changed to no longer prosecute civilians under its jurisdiction, through the various demonstrations and hunger strikes mobilized by Mapuche Political Prisoners at the time. This architectural Power shift allowed for the Security Case to be tried under Civil Penal Law, with new deadlines, prosecutors and dispositions.

It is clear however that the Powers that be did not anticipate having to deal with the Civil Court system, since their purpose was to annihilate the comrades physically, all of whom were still underground up till that point.

After being arrested, the police bullets remained intact, ready to discharge against other revolutionaries. In this case they weren’t going to shoot in revenge of their “comrade-in-arms” Officer Moyano, which at that point was becoming extremely problematic. If they could not exterminate them physically with the typical brutality, they would however bury them under the weight of absurdly long and asphyxiating nonsensical bureaucratic legal proceedings.

It is in this way in which the development of the legal framework continuously crosses its own limits, and erases its own norms. Juan, Marcelo, and Freddy have served the longest pre-trial detention period under Chile’s new Penal Processing Reform, with more than four years in prison without receiving a single sentence. The Prosecution alone has managed to delay the trial in two occasions in order to “prepare the trial,” and extend infinite limits.

We are not talking about the right to have a trial in a timely fashion or other forms of Liberal legalities; we are talking about the brutality of this Dominion and its necessity to sink our comrades into oblivion, locked up in traps and labyrinths in the judicial pantomime.

In the middle of this process, on November 28th, 2013, comrade Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo, who had been underground until that point, is arrested by repressive forces. After being captured he is sent to the Maximum Security Prison, undergoing a regiment of isolation. His judicial proceedings are independent, but also in parallel to Juan, Marcelo, and Freddy’s proceedings. Carlos is now under investigation and in pre-trial prison without having a date for his trial.

Once all the details of this grand theatrical show had been finalized, and important pieces had been imposed by those in Power, the date has finally been set for the trial that seeks to sacrifice the rebels at the altar of democracy. On March 25th, 2014, three judges – three wretch es – will decide on the fate of our comrade’s lives, rising up like semi-gods to quantify the portion of life they will have to strips off the prisoners.

The Judicial trap has been extended to gross proportions in the case that the accused are acquitted of their charges. Those that are currently serving their time with benefits (i.e. Political Status, specifically Marcelo and Juan for their actions in Urban Guerilla groups during the 90’s), will be at the will of the Judicial/Prison administration to see whether they will have to serve out their previous sentences or to remain with their current benefits they have received since 2007.

The weapons of democracy, this time transformed into paper and sentences seek to be executed according to the will of the persecutors. In this case, the Prosecution solicits the following:

  •       For comrade Juan Aliste: Life in Prison + 20 years. Charged with three counts of armed robbery (to a bank); First Degree Murder for the death of Officer Moyano; and another alleged Attempted Murder charge to another officer injured during the confrontation at the time of the incident.
  •      For comrade Freddy Fuentevilla: Life in Prison + 15 years. Two counts of armed robbery (to a bank); Second Degree Murder for the death of Officer Moyano; and attempted murder to another officer injured during the shoot out with police.
  •      For comrade Marcelo Villaroel: 18 years sentence for two alleged armed bank robberies.

In the Altars of the Democratic Inquisition

“… Because we have Anarchy in our heads and you will never be able to process it no matter how much concrete you use to burry us. No matter how many prisons you construct to place us inside, or how many years to which we are sentenced, nor the many Antiterrorist Laws you pass to restrict your theatrical legal system… Our Anarchy will escape every time.” Giannis Mihailidis and Nikos Romanos.

Trials are culminating instances of the monopoly of violence on the part of the Stat, in which the democratic inquisition seeks to apply exemplary sanctions. However, in the case of subjects in open rebellion these instances intensify and extend the role of the entire Justice System, transforming the instance into a political lynching.

Despite the Prosecution’s claim to remain impartial and objective, this is and will be a process that will defend the order of the rich, especially since this is a political trial. For them, the evidence and accusations escape the mere events that took place in 2007, rising against the comrades as subversive subjects.

With this, we are not asking for equality before the law or “Just Trials,” instead we are seeking to expose and demonstrate how the structure of dominance functions against those that oppose and confront the system in a radical everyday basis.

It is in this way that beginning on March 25th, Prosecutors, Judges, and Lawyers at the service of Power will be focusing on esthetic and vanity, the Gendarmerie will exaggerate the theatre of security around the premise of the trial, and finally the widow of Officer Moyano will take as many press conferences as she can get.

They will all defend their positions as servers of the Dominion, and we have no doubt that the attitude of our comrades will be defined with their heads held high, with no regrets in who they decided to be, and with great relentless strength.

It is necessary to understand the key moment that this trail defines, for those in Power that take the opportunity to Judge and condemn revolutionaries, as much as those who oppose them, we, their internal enemies to take the opportunity to create unrest to the point of no return. Ours is the response in solidarity, with firmness and on the exact pulse of war.

The transcendent objective of judicial theatrics, more so than condemning a person for a specific event, seeks to cut and demolish the spirit of confronting the norm, the rule, Power itself depending on the case.

Therefore through legal scenarios, the accused is sought to be buried, simply erased, annulled through the weight of a conviction and transforming them into a mere number with the Prison Industrial Complex, and that the world beyond prison walls forget them, so that the prisoner can obediently assume their new designated role: to be condemned.

Our comrades do not succumb in resignation to the dominion and have maintained their option of struggle permanent throughout their lives; transcending and trespassing specific events, in this way giving continuity to the struggle of rupturing the imposed order.

The Powers that may be can imprison us, lock us up, raise the walls and shoot sanctions and revenge; but we cannot be victimized. Our active hands will always seek to destroy the bars that try to imprison us…

We will not delegate our attitude of war to the disposition and rhythms of the State. The struggle is a life option to the very end, with no space for wasting time.

Within a legal framework, the comrades have sought to block the so-called “truth” of the Powerful through a judicial defence, but without internalizing the categories of the imposed rhetoric: they are neither innocent, guilty, or are victims of the State. It is because of this that the defense does not solely lie on the basis in avoiding and delaying the stoning/ lifelong kidnapping that lies over their heads, but in unison projecting the struggle on the street as a lifelong struggle against domination.

Today More than Ever: Word and Action

“We understand that solidarity as the constant practiced in our anarchist ideals in all its forms. This make the enemy understand that nothing ends here; that everything continues in prison and on the street. From where ever you are: no minute of silence and a lifetime of struggle.”Monica Caballero & Francisco Solar

Unto the immense trial against our comrades, we make a fervent call to struggle, raising the voice of war, calling out to the International Week of Solidarity from March 14th to 25th, 2014.

Always assuming an active role in the social war, we call out all individuals to manifest themselves in support and solidarity with the comrades awaiting trial; understanding that the message of solidarity will be received not just by the comrades, but also by the Powerful that would like to see them alone and deteriorated.

We will not be spectators to the lynching of our comrades, nor will we submissively accept the convictions that could come out as precedent setting; our message is that no one should cease to participate in activating our total liberation.

Solidarity is a common strength, as is support, which trespasses boundaries and borders and unites the world under the common language of social war. May our warriors not stand alone in the halls of bourgeois Justice; it only depends on how much we are able to create. All actions count and support the struggle against power, when they carry the seed of solidarity and freedom.

The call is to act, generating an action of solidarity in various forms, without leaders where each one of us can support from the stage they find themselves in; every action counts. Solidarity in action is thereby generated, extended and deepened through the networks of complicity; potent arms and tools to confront Power.

This callout is an open convening, so that anyone can manifest their actions, from decentralized information spreading to the autonomous practices of rebellious expression.

Even if the sky falls with a thousand threats from those in Power, we will not leave our comrades alone. Our conviction is relentless struggle until the end; until the last bastion of society as a prison is abolished.

Against all forms of Power. Against all forms of domination. Whether on the streets, behind bars or on the run, we will always be in permanent struggle.

“Borders and different languages are obstacles that we will overcome to find ourselves next to each other, in order to rise up together against the mandates and orders of this system; to spit with despise against those who are loyal to the law and life options they propose.” – Conspiracy Cells of Fire

Solidarity and Action (March 14 – 25th) until Freddy, Marcelo, Juan and Carlos are on the Streets, walking together with all those who struggle.


Family and Comrades of the Security Case Arrestees

– Colectivo Anticarcelario Vuelo de Justicia

– Núcleo antiautoritario de agitación y propaganda Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras y afines

– 81 Razones por Luchar

– Individualidades Afines Santiago- Valparaíso- Buenos Aires- Neuquén- Barcelona

– Viva la Anarquia

– Rojoscuro

– Hommodolars

– Publicación Refractario

– Cruz Negra Anarquista México

– RadioAzione

– Voz Como Arma

– Revista Infierno

– Solidarixs en Guerra contra el Poder

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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