BREAKING – MEXICO: Restriction Order Lifted from CARLOS, AMELIE & FALLON – Remanded for Damages and Breaking the Peace

solidaridad001BREAKING – MEXICO: Restriction Order Lifted from CARLOS, AMELIE & FALLON – Remanded for Damages and Breaking the Peace


On February 17th, it had been 40 days since the restriction order had been issued against our comrades Carlos Lopez, Amelie Pelletier and Fallon Poisson by the Mexican Republic’s General Attorney’s Office.

During these 40 days, the prosecution tried to elaborate charges of Terrorism and Organized Crime. Despite their intimidating and inquisitorial methods, they were unable to state their case, and the accused were released for lack of evidence. HOWEVER, the local police of Mexico City arrested them once again for pending charges of alleged for alleged mischief and breaking the peace.

Comrades Amelie and Fallon are currently the Women’s Detention Centre (Reclusorio Femenil) of Santa Martha and were visited by the legal team, while Carlos called and informed he was at the East Detention Centre (Reclusorio Oriente).

The charges are not serious and therefore would be eligible for bail, but we should remember that our comrade, Mario González, was systematically denied bail under the same circumstances for being “a danger to society.”

We will continue our solidarity with our sisters and brothers kidnapped by the State!

Free Amelie, Fallon, and Carlos!

Free Mario, Salvador and Fernando!

Free them All!

Down with the Prison Walls!


Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto


About The Women's Coordinating Committee For a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

The Women's Coordinating For a Free Wallmapu is an indigenous grassroots organization based in Toronto advocating for the sovereign rights of the Mapuche Nation.
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