Militant Resistance from Wallmapu to the North of Ireland

Militant Resistance From Wallmapu to the North of Ireland copy

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Militant Resistance from Wallmapu to the North of Ireland

19h (7pm)
Saturday, September 28th (THIS SATURDAY!)
QPIRG-Concordia, 1500 de Maisonneuve O., suite 204

Mapuche, Revolutionary & Anti-Colonial Struggle in so-called Chile since 1973

The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu, will speak on the significance of the last 40 years of revolutionary and anti-colonial struggle in Wallmapu (Mapuche territory), Chile, and beyond the Andes. This September 11th marks the 40th anniversary of the Coup d’état in Chile and with it the memory of a brutal dictatorship, the commemoration of the many thousands of missing, murdered and exiled victims by the Chilean State, with the implementation of the Shock Doctrine known as the neoliberal economic model we live in today. However, the victims of State repression go far beyond the period of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. We must also recognize the ongoing plunder and criminalization of the most marginalized sectors of our society by those in power, the later hunt for the revolutionary movements that were born in response to these injustices, and especially the ongoing genocide of indigenous peoples on their ancient territory.The WCCC [Toronto] is an indigenous Mapuche  grassroots organization based in Toronto, Turtle Island. Our goal is to link the struggles of indigenous sovereignty (specifically the Mapuche Peoples of so-called southern $hile) with that of other indigenous, anti-capitalist/anti-colonial, community based struggles across Turtle Island, by creating awareness through events, protests, publications, etc….

Including Mapuche Short Docs & MORE…

Republican Political Prisoners/POWs in Today’s Ireland

Brendan Casey will speak on the conditions of Irish Prisoners of War (POWs) and the current human rights situation in Northern Ireland. Born into a staunchly Republican family where a significant number of his elders were either POWs or ex-POWs, he has been involved all his adult life in raising funds and publicizing the plight of the POWs. The hunger strikes left a lasting impact on him. He was the chairman of the Ballyshannon Bundoran hunger strike march for a number of years and now classes himself as an independent socialist Republican.

In this capacity he has been traveling throughout Canada, as well as to other countries, to try to give people a true picture of the POW situation in Ireland.

SPECIAL MESSAGE from MARTIN RAFFERTY, a former POW and member of the Belfast 32 County Sovereignty Movement. 32CSM is a political movement that is fighting against the current occupation of the Six Counties of Northern Ireland

Malheureusement, on ne peut pas vous promettre qu’il y aura la traduction chuchotée vers le français pour cette présentation. Il reste quand même la possibilité qu’on trouvera quelqu’unE capable de la faire, mais à cause de la courte période de temps dans laquelle l’événement se forme on ne peut pas vous en garantie. Désolé!

“>If you are able to do whisper translation into French for this event, please email carryon (arrobas) riseup (pointe) net

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September 11th BBLC Film Series - VICTOR JARA, SALVADOR ALLENDE, MARTYRS & EXECUTIONERS copyBlack Bird Liberation Cinema Presents:

A Film Series commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Bloody Coup D’état in Chile, Documenting the Process(es) of Popular Power, and the State Repression Before and After the Coup.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH @ The Harvest Noon Café (GSUT)(Beginning at 3PM)
16 Bancroft Avenue (Behind the Koffler Building at 569 Spadina Avenue)

Facebook event:

*$ 5-10 Sliding Scale Donation at the Door (or PWYC)
* EMPANADAS & SOPAIPILLAS PASADAS (*Vegan option*), BORGOÑA with Strawberries
*All Films with English Subtitles


A Film by Carmen Luz Parot (1999) 100 mins

The film covers the life of Chilean singer/songwriter Victor Jara. His humble beginnings as a peasant, his youth in a marginalized neighbourhood in Santiago, his work in theatre, his carrier as a musician and his compromise with Left social thought, which comes into power through the government of Salvador Allende in 1970. Finally the tragic ending; Allende dies in the Presidential Palace, Jara is tortured at the Chile Stadium, sports centre turned concentration camp for those arrested after September 11th, 1973, and is murdered with impunity. As with many, his widow Joan Turner must leave the country where she begins a fierce struggle to recover the legacy of Victor, whose works are destroyed and prohibited in the country.

The documentary makes a parallel between the story of Jara and the historical processes carried out within the country. The migration from the countryside to the city during the 1950’s, the immense growth of poverty in the peripheries of the Capital, the rebirth of culture during the 60’s where the greatest works the country has known were published (Pablo Neruda, Violeta, Isabel and Angel Parra, Roberto Matta, and Raul Ruiz), and the military Coup of 1973, the abuse of power, and the beginning of complete cultural obscurantism.

A Film by Patricio Guzman (2003) 100 min

In SALVADOR ALLENDE, acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán (The Battle of Chile and Chile, Obstinate Memory) returns to his native country thirty years after the 1973 military coup that overthrew Chile’s Popular Unity government to examine the life of its leader, Salvador Allende, both as a politician and a man.

Using rare archival footage, interviews with Allende’s friends, professional colleagues, his daughters and other relatives as well as workers, journalists, his personal secretary and Edward Korry, former U.S. Ambassador to Chile, SALVADOR ALLENDE portrays the life, times and political formation of the Valparaiso-born doctor who was a lifetime socialist. The film draws parallels between his own life, the dynamic s of the Popular Unity government and the rise of Popular Power from the grassroots, uncovering the many contradictions and tensions between the various positions within the Left in Allende’s vision of the democratic transition to socialism; “how could one be a democrat and revolutionary at the same time?”



GRAND PRIX, Lima 2004 PEOPLE’S CHOICE, Salzberg 2005


A Film by ProyectoDocumental1 (2009) 50 min

This is not a film about Human Rights. The names of the protagonists of this story, the militants of the VOP (Organized Vanguard of the People) do not appear in any memorial or official Human Rights report of the Chilean State; you can spend entire afternoons in various cemeteries across Santiago in search for their graves. Nonetheless, their example clearly establishes that torture, death and political execution did not begin on September 11th, 1973, much less did not end with the return of bourgeois “democracy” in 1990, especially for those who sought armed struggle.

The film examines the massacre of Puerto Montt peasants by then Interior Minister Edmundo Perez Zujovic during the government of Eduardo Frei and his later execution during Allende’s Popular Unity by members of the VOP. The film presents that confrontation is produced everyday and the necessity of a new morale is always present in order to establish that those whom appeared to be martyrs of democracy, where and still are the executioners of the People.

Organized by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu

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