Mallekoche Community carries out Self-Defense unto New Brutal Police Attack

Carabineros-300x200August 14th, 2013

The Mapuche Community of Lower Malleko in the township of Collipulli, declares the following to national and international opinion unto the events that occured once again during the night of Monday, August 12th:

Kiñe: On Monday evening at around 9PM, a large police contingent arrived at the home of the Werken [Spokesperson] for the Mapuche Community, Mirko Collio, while insulting, provoking and harassing his family with assault rifles. They also verbally assaulted other members of the Community that live close by, shouting “WE WILL KILL ANOTHER INDIAN.”

Epu: Unto the threats and unpredictability of the the militarized police, we will exert self-defense as a protection mechanism to the physical and psychological integrity of our children, women and elders. In the same way they will not harass our Community, which reiterates its will to not rest until all the usurped lands have been reclaimed from forestry logging companies, private interests and the Catholic Church.

Küla: In light of the events on Monday, we believe this is a clear indication of the hypothesis pronounced by the Rayen Mapu Community, in that the murder of Weichafe [Warrior] Rodrigo Melican Licán was at the hands of Chilean Carabineros [National Police] and that their intelligence team acted under the protection of night darkness and with complete impunity.

Meli: We widely call out to the Communities in Resistance to remain alert to these incidents.

Freedom for ALL Mapuche Political Prisoners!!
Justice for our Weichafe: Alex Lemún, Jaime Mendoza Collio, [Matias Catrileo], Rodrigo Melinao Lican!!

País Mapuche
Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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