Resistance in Wallmapu: Blocked Roads and Logging Trucks Burned

BRM0edoCcAA83Gx-730x350-300x143August 9th, 2013

Groups of Mapuche Weichafe [Warriors] took over Highway 5 South in Ercilla, at the height of Chamichco, and burned at least two forestry logging trucks belonging to the companies occupying Wallmapu.

It is in this way that Mapuche justice is carried out for the new murder of a Mapuche, caused by the occupation of the Territory in the hands of forestry corporations and Estate Lords.

The death of Rodrigo Melinao has awoken the Warriors to carry out the necessary actions of resistance and send a message to the Chilean State and its corporate allies that they should leave this ancient territory, together with the militarized police forces.

The inner roads of Ercilla andCollipulli, are commonly surrounded by police, and are now being controlled by the Communities in this time of mourning in the area, while expulsing all logging trucks.

The same is occuring in the Lafkenche Territory of Lleu Lleu, where for the last two days roads between the towns of Cañete and Tirúa have been blocked at the height of San Ramón, and several logging instalations have been executed by Weichafe [Warriors].

País Mapuche
Distributed by: Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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