Funeral of Rodrigo Melinao to be Held this Saturday

MAugust 8th, 2013

The Eluwen [Funeral] of Rodrigo Melinao Licán, member of the Rayen Mapu community of Lof Lolokos and murdered by the forces that protect forestry corporations and private interests in the area, will be held this Saturday, August 10th at noon.

The body of the Mapuche fighter was given to the family in the early afternoon on Wednesday by the Legal Medical Services of Angol, where he was initially taken through a court order by Collipulli Prosecutor, Ricardao Traipe.
It was there that medical investigators confirmed that 26 year-old Rodrigo, was shot at point-blank by a 12 mm shotgun, and had been deceised for 10 hours, that is to say the murder took place at 3 am on Tuesday mourning, time where only militarized police circulate the area.

More than 100 Mapuche of Ercilla came to retrive the brother and take him to the community for his Eluwen [Funeral]. As expected, a large police contingent was present throughout the entire journey, receiving the despise of the Mapuche that took over the highway and courageously confronted the police.

When protesters in rage stopped at the Provincial Governing Office of Malleco, Special Police Forces attached the caravan, motivating the defense of community members and initiating confrontation that ended with a Mapuche being arrested.

Rodrigo Melinao will be bid farewell by his People, delegations from all parts of Wallmapu, Chilean friends and allies will be holding the funeral to be carried out this Saturday at noon beginning in the Rayen Mapu Community and make its way to the cemetary of Chequenco. The Communities in Resistance call on all peoples who are in solidarity with our struggle to join our farewell to our brother.

País Mapuche
Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]



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