DESCENDANTS OF FIRE: Anti-Colonial Indigenous (Mapuche) Panel w/Irish Solidarity Speaking Tour

Descendents of Fire copy(1)DESCENDANTS OF FIRE:
From Wallmapu to Turtle Island (& Beyond): 40+ Years of Anti-Colonial, Anti-Authoritarian and Revolutionary Resistance

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st, 2013 @ 7:30PM
HARVEST NOON – 16 Bancroft Avenue (Behind the Koffler Building at 569 Spadina)

*Ngüenén: El Engaño [The Deceit] (2012)
A Film by the Director of “El Despojo” (The Plunder) **See Details Below**

PANEL DISCUSSION: Anti-Colonial Indigenous (Mapuche) Panel w/Irish Republican Speaking Tour




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This September 11th marks the 40th anniversary of the Coup d’état in Chile and with it the memory of a brutal dictatorship, the commemoration of the many thousands of missing, murdered and exiled victims by the Chilean State, with the implementation of the Shock Doctrine known as the neoliberal economic model we live in today.

However, the victims of State repression go far beyond the period of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. We must also recognize the ongoing plunder and criminalization of the most marginalized sectors of our society by those in power, the later hunt for the revolutionary movements that were born in response to these injustices, and especially the ongoing genocide of indigenous peoples on their ancient territory.

The Mapuche Peoples are a living and fighting example of how an indigenous Nation has been able to resist for more than 400 years against ongoing colonial, corporate and State interests that invade their territory, which continues to this day. These ongoing struggles for Land and Liberation are not only seen in Wallmapu or Chile, but also across this stolen continent, here in Turtle Island and around the world, as they are the response to a genocidal colonial capitalist system.

On September 21st we will commemorate the ongoing resistance of our peoples in struggle in Wallmapu and beyond the Andes…

For the Reclamation, Reconstruction and Liberation of Our Mapuche and Indigenous Nations!

NGÜENÉN: EL ENGAÑO [The Deceit – with English Subtitles] (2012)

See Synopsis Here:

A documentary made by the directors of “El Despojo” (The Plunder) focusing on the international political dynamics of the “War on Terror,” and the counterintelligence strategies used to criminalize the Mapuche struggle for Autonomy and Territorial Reclamation.

Lies and deceit are as old as war itself. The objective of these intelligence actions called “Psychological Operations” (or PsyOps) is to destroy the morale of the enemy and assure the approval of the population through propaganda, misinformation, manipulation, the fabrication of news, omission, decontextualization (etc)… Everything to allow a SETUP, since “to convince is to overcome.”

Chilean Prosecutor, Mario Elgueta, whom was the alleged victim of an annihilating attack in southern Chile, was actually a student in an FBI [and CSIS] antiterrorist course in Virginia USA.

Through the techniques of a judicial/political/media setup, 17 Mapuche land defenders faced trial under the Antiterrorist Law, at first risking a total of up to 800 years in prison… Four bicentennials on the backs of those who oppose the arrogance of the Chilean State.



JENN TSUN – unaffiliated Anishnaabe/Ongwehonweh/Anglo-Pictish/Slavic Grandmother, born Toronto, living near Sharbot Lake; Defender of Indigenous Sovereignty & Self Determination, AntiImperialist; Publisher of Eagle Watch with nom de plume, Kittoh; Writer, Researcher, Storyteller, Horticulturist, Gatherer, Herbalist, Weaver. Ancestors are with us. Walking the Good Red Road.

DUSTIN JOHNSON –Tsimshian born and raised on the northwest coast in non-surrendered, unceded Tsimshian territory. He has done genealogical research, language revitalization, youth advocacy, urban social justice organizing, was the editor of the uncensored Redwire Native Youth Magazine, organized with Indigenous resistant movements against the expanding beast of the Alberta Tar Sands, was a co-founder of the Tsimshian Guardians youth initiative, loves canoeing, fishing, hunting and mountain-climbing. Dustin is a non-conformist and is proud to not be a ‘nipster,’ which is a native hipster.

MELISSA ELLIOT – Co-founder of Young Onkwehonwe United, and a youth activist from the Haudenosaunee Territory of Six Nations. Known to most as Missy, she has organized to defend Kanonhstaton (the former Douglas Creek Estates), and to stop development projects on Six Nations territory being pushed through without their consent such as the Line 9 reversal project.

**VIVIANA AVILA (WCCC Toronto) – Founder of the Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu. On the significance of the last 40 years of revolutionary and anti-colonial struggle in Wallmapu, Chile and beyond the Andes.

**DIRECTLY FROM IRELAND on Cross-Southern Ontario/Quebec Speaking Tour**:
BRENDAN CASEY – Independent Socialist Irish Republican to speak on the conditions of Irish Prisoners of War (POWs) and on the current situation of Human Rights in Northern Ireland. Born into a staunchly Republican family where a significant number of his elders were either POWs or ex-POWs, he has been involved all his adult life in raising funds and publicizing the plight of the POWs. The hunger strikes left a lasting impact on him. He was the chairman of the Ballyshannon Bundoran hunger strike march for a number of years and now classes himself as an independent socialist Republican.

In this capacity he would be travelling to Canada as well as other countries to try to give people a true picture of the POW situation in Ireland.

– ** SPECIAL MESSAGE from MARTIN RAFFERTY of Belfast 32 County Sovereignty Movement, a political movement that is fighting against the current occupation of the Six Counties of Northern Ireland and is former POW **


**SAKURA SAUNDERS – Mining Injustice Solidarity, on the connection between anti-colonial and mining struggles across the continent.

**We regret that the space is NOT wheelchair accessible* *Vegan (Meat Option) Meal [Donations Appreciated]**

Organized By: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]
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Mallekoche Community carries out Self-Defense unto New Brutal Police Attack

Carabineros-300x200August 14th, 2013

The Mapuche Community of Lower Malleko in the township of Collipulli, declares the following to national and international opinion unto the events that occured once again during the night of Monday, August 12th:

Kiñe: On Monday evening at around 9PM, a large police contingent arrived at the home of the Werken [Spokesperson] for the Mapuche Community, Mirko Collio, while insulting, provoking and harassing his family with assault rifles. They also verbally assaulted other members of the Community that live close by, shouting “WE WILL KILL ANOTHER INDIAN.”

Epu: Unto the threats and unpredictability of the the militarized police, we will exert self-defense as a protection mechanism to the physical and psychological integrity of our children, women and elders. In the same way they will not harass our Community, which reiterates its will to not rest until all the usurped lands have been reclaimed from forestry logging companies, private interests and the Catholic Church.

Küla: In light of the events on Monday, we believe this is a clear indication of the hypothesis pronounced by the Rayen Mapu Community, in that the murder of Weichafe [Warrior] Rodrigo Melican Licán was at the hands of Chilean Carabineros [National Police] and that their intelligence team acted under the protection of night darkness and with complete impunity.

Meli: We widely call out to the Communities in Resistance to remain alert to these incidents.

Freedom for ALL Mapuche Political Prisoners!!
Justice for our Weichafe: Alex Lemún, Jaime Mendoza Collio, [Matias Catrileo], Rodrigo Melinao Lican!!

País Mapuche
Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Resistance in Wallmapu: Blocked Roads and Logging Trucks Burned

BRM0edoCcAA83Gx-730x350-300x143August 9th, 2013

Groups of Mapuche Weichafe [Warriors] took over Highway 5 South in Ercilla, at the height of Chamichco, and burned at least two forestry logging trucks belonging to the companies occupying Wallmapu.

It is in this way that Mapuche justice is carried out for the new murder of a Mapuche, caused by the occupation of the Territory in the hands of forestry corporations and Estate Lords.

The death of Rodrigo Melinao has awoken the Warriors to carry out the necessary actions of resistance and send a message to the Chilean State and its corporate allies that they should leave this ancient territory, together with the militarized police forces.

The inner roads of Ercilla andCollipulli, are commonly surrounded by police, and are now being controlled by the Communities in this time of mourning in the area, while expulsing all logging trucks.

The same is occuring in the Lafkenche Territory of Lleu Lleu, where for the last two days roads between the towns of Cañete and Tirúa have been blocked at the height of San Ramón, and several logging instalations have been executed by Weichafe [Warriors].

País Mapuche
Distributed by: Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Mapuche Prisoner’s Justice Week Emergency Demo for the Murder of Rodrigo Melinao

Mapuche Emergency Rally - Rodrigo Melinao copy

Mapuche Prisoner’s Justice Week Emergency Demo for the Murder of Rodrigo Melinao
Sunday, August 11th @ 2PM
@ Toronto Chilean Consulate – 2 Bloor Street West

(See links for more info)

The WCCC [Toronto] calls out to all anti-colonial/anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian allies to come out for an emergency demonstration at the Toronto Chilean Consulate for the tragic death of our Mapuche Weichafe [Warrior] Rodrigo Melinao, during the commemoration of this year’s Prisoner’s Justice Week.

Rodrigo was murdered on Tuesday, August 6th in Wallmapu (so-called southern Chile) by militarized forces guarding State, corporate and private interests in the area, surrounding Mapuche Communities in Resistance who have struggled for years to reclaim their ancient Territory. Just days earlier, he had been convicted under the Pinochet era Anti-Terrorist Law for arson and mischief for an alleged land defense action against a forestry corporation; his trial was being reviewed by the Chilean Supreme Court for Appeal while he went underground, during which time he was murdered. His lifeless body was found lying in a field many hours after his death, nearby his community of Rayen Mapu in the township of Malleco.

It is a well known fact that militarized police zelously guard the various terriories across Wallmapu usurped by forestry corporations and Settler Estate Lords, especially at night when our brother Melinao had been murdered.

Our brother Melinao marks at least the 4th death of a Mapuche Warrior in defense of the land over the last 10 years and more than 7th on a long list of martyrs since the so-called Chilean Democracy was re-instated in 1990.



The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Funeral of Rodrigo Melinao to be Held this Saturday

MAugust 8th, 2013

The Eluwen [Funeral] of Rodrigo Melinao Licán, member of the Rayen Mapu community of Lof Lolokos and murdered by the forces that protect forestry corporations and private interests in the area, will be held this Saturday, August 10th at noon.

The body of the Mapuche fighter was given to the family in the early afternoon on Wednesday by the Legal Medical Services of Angol, where he was initially taken through a court order by Collipulli Prosecutor, Ricardao Traipe.
It was there that medical investigators confirmed that 26 year-old Rodrigo, was shot at point-blank by a 12 mm shotgun, and had been deceised for 10 hours, that is to say the murder took place at 3 am on Tuesday mourning, time where only militarized police circulate the area.

More than 100 Mapuche of Ercilla came to retrive the brother and take him to the community for his Eluwen [Funeral]. As expected, a large police contingent was present throughout the entire journey, receiving the despise of the Mapuche that took over the highway and courageously confronted the police.

When protesters in rage stopped at the Provincial Governing Office of Malleco, Special Police Forces attached the caravan, motivating the defense of community members and initiating confrontation that ended with a Mapuche being arrested.

Rodrigo Melinao will be bid farewell by his People, delegations from all parts of Wallmapu, Chilean friends and allies will be holding the funeral to be carried out this Saturday at noon beginning in the Rayen Mapu Community and make its way to the cemetary of Chequenco. The Communities in Resistance call on all peoples who are in solidarity with our struggle to join our farewell to our brother.

País Mapuche
Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


Malleco Communities in Resistance Will Act in Self-Defense & Take State Denied Justice in their Own Hands

mapuche-300x200August 7th, 2013
Public Communique

We declare the following to national/international opinion, to our Mapuche Nation, and our Malleco communities in resistance:

Kiñe: Unto the premeditated murder of our Peñi [Brother] Rodrigo Melinao Lican by State security forces, we demand that the government recognize their responsibility in the death of this young father of the Rayen Mapu Community, whom leaves behind three young children and an unborn child.

Epu: This cowardly murder is nothing other than the consequence of the militarization of our Territory, which we have been denouncing and have been ignored. The very representative of the UN, who in a recent visit to Chile and Wallmapu, pointed out the unsustanable levels of repression suffered by the communities and therefore justified the actions that we carry out in protection of our children, women and elders.

Kula: Thereby we give an ultimatum to the Chilean State, represented by the current government: We demand the immediate demilitarization of our Territory, the retreat of the large militarized police contingents that have us living in a State of Siege and the return of our usurped territory by forestry corporations and private individuals.

Meli: If no adequate response is received in the short term to this ultimatum, the communities of Malleco in Resistance will thereby by obligated to carry out Self-Defense, and make justice through our own means denied to us by the State.

Peñi Rodrigo Melinao, your death will not be in vain!!!
Stop the Militarization in Wallmapu!!!
Freedom for All Mapuche Political Prisoners!!
If there is no Winka [Settler] Justice, there will be Mapuche Justice!!!

Signing Communities:
Traditional Community of Temucuicui
Autonomous Community of Temucuicui
Rayen mapu
Wente Winkul Mapu
Cacique José Guiñon
Manuel Pillan
Reken Pillan
Wañaco Millao
Domingo Trangol
Coñoemil Epuleo
Lof Llibun Mapu
Antonio Panitru, Lof LonkoMahuida
Newen Mapu
Los Lolocos
Juana Millahual
Chekenco Curaco
Lower Antonio Panitru

País Mapuche
Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Luis Melinao on the Death of his Cousin: “A Peñi [Brother] Dies, But 10 More Will Rise Up

luto black flagsAugust 6th, 2013

The Werken [Spokesperson] of the Wente Winkul Mapu Community, Luis Melinao, cousin of the murdered Mapuche in Chiwaiwe, tells us that Rodrigo Melinao Licán had dedicated himself to the land to maintain his family.

The following interview with El Dínamo, accounts for the frustration that is found throughout Mapuche communities: “If it had been anyone other than a Mapuche, everyone would have had something to say.” Moreover, he states that death is not an obstacle: “A Peñi [Brother] dies, but ten will rise up to continue demanding liberation.”

“We can see here that there is a persecution that leads to the death of Mapuche by the police; they are the ones responsible for his death,” assured Melinao.

–          The body was found by the very community members. What time was it?

He was found by some neighbours and they told his brothers. They found the body in the middle of a field, just left there, dead… This happened at midnight, approximately 50 metres away from a path that Police tread at night. It is an absolutely militarized territory

–          Was this close to the community?

It was surrounding the community, in Chiguahue, in lands where the Rayen Mapu community is reclaiming territories, just like ours.

–          With who(m) are the communities in conflict?

We are reclaiming private settler Estates that established themselves here after the Agrarian Reform, as well as lands that are occupied by forestry corporations.  We are in conflict with them, but the conflict does not begin with us; what we reclaim is what one day belonged to us and was taken through deceit, we cannot ignore history.

There are many Estate Lords that came to usurp these lands: Juan de Dios Fuentes, Forestry Bosques Arauco, Cautin Forestry Co., Minico Forestry Co…. All of which are usurpers of Mapuche Lands.

–          The Interior Minister, Andres Chadwick, highlighted that Luis was a fugitive of Justice…

We must clarify what happened as soon as possible. When a Mapuche is murdered, it falls on deaf ears; no one rejects these deaths. Police must come forward and recognize that they killed our brother.

–          Do you discard the responsibility of other armed groups?

We point our suspicion towards the Police, but it also could have been other paramilitary groups loyal to Estate Lords. We need to clear up what happened; the institutions that are investigating must give answers.

–          I imagine that conflicts with Police are commonplace in the area

We usually do not travel by night, because it gives us fear. It has been a year since the establishment of Pidima Police Station that resembles more like a military base. At night about 15 or 20 Special Police GOPE Unit officers walk around armed, throughout surrounding communities in a very arrogant manner. That is why we avoid going out at night. They only come out at night. Our brother was caught walking in the surrounding area where settlers are being guarded by police and their transit is more frequent… We live 5 kilometres away from the GOPE Police base.

–          How long had Rodrigo been a fugitive of Justice?

Our brother was convicted to 5 years for arson and for mischief another 540 days. His trial was being examined by the Supreme Court. He had been underground for about a month.

–          Had you had contact with him?

Yes, he was well. He was seeking refuge inside the community, where he was working. He had a family to maintain. Plus he was in good health. He was murdered; we saw how the bullet had impacted his body, which left a gunshot to the chest. The prosecutor had confirmed this last fact too.

–          When the family found the body, they did not immediately hand in the body to Justice. Why not?

Of course, we demanded that the body be given through the chapel of Ercilla so that things could be done transparently, so that there wouldn’t be any external intervention.

–          What would you say to the Government?

We have declared that there is discrimination towards the Mapuche People, and this proves it. If it had been anyone other than Mapuche, or a death like this would happen in rich neighbourhood, or if the dead was a police officer, everyone would have spoken out. The government has maintained silent and that is because of discrimination. But this will not stop us; we will continue forward and remain firm. We will continue to reclaim the territory, even if we have to confront death, prison or going underground. These are the consequences; they are details of this movement. We will not stand down. One Peñi [Brother] dies, but ten brothers will rise up to continue demanding liberation.

–          Rodrigo was 26 years old, he was quite young…

All of the brothers that have been murdered by police have always been very young, so they are attacking young people.

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Forestry Companies, Estate Lords and Chilean State Murder Mapuche in Ercilla

Rodrigo Elicer Melinao LicánAugust 6th, 2013

The Mapuche People morn a new victim today Tuesday, August 6th, in confirming the murder of Rodrigo Elicer Melinao Licán, member of the Rayen Mapu Communitu of Lof Lolokos in Ercilla, whom was persecuted by the Chilean State and corporate interests in Wallmapu.

The body of the young man was found by his family today Tuesday, in plot No.4 of Chiwaiwe, territory in conflict against the large forestry companies. In the middle of the sadness, the family realized that Rodrigo presented gunshot wounds, thereby prohibiting any foreign presence around the scene, especially police that could manipulate evidence.

The distrust is obvious. The place is surrounded by Special Police Forces, such as the GOPE and PDI intelligence units and government officials that protect the occupying corporate interests. Lands that are in the hands of invaders that have been demanded for decades by the communities in the area, and which have been  stained with the blood of its defenders today once again, as with Alex Lemun [a decade earlier].

Rodrigo was convicted to 5 years in prison – together with Cristian Levinao – this past July 24th under “arson and mischief” charges steaming from damages to a forestry company in 2011, without other further evidence other than “faceless” witnesses that accused him of being the author of these actions of resistance. The sentence had not been carried out as of yet, since the defense had presented an appeal.

Police personnel, the Homicide Squad of the Special Investigations Unit (PDI) and the Provincial Prosecutor of Collipulli, Ricardo Traipe, managed to enter the premises hours later to take the body, with the sole intermediation of the Ercilla Parish Priest whom confirmed that the victim had received a gunshot to the chest.

Conformist Government

The bland public reaction for this attack against the Mapuche People barely made Chilean authorities muster words to the press. The Interior and Public Security Minister, Andres Chadwick, had no choice other than to admit the act as a murder. This time there was no “public condemnation,” immediate charges, nor extensive speeches made in the Presidential Palace. Clearly the victim is not on their side, as with Sergeant Albornoz, whom was shot by his fellow police officers of the GOPE, in the same area, and who the Prosecution has not been able to demonstrate otherwise more than a year after the events took place.

Chadwick calmly maintained that he “did not want to point out any hypothesis or conjecture. The circumstances regarding this crime are not clear, and therefore only can resort to a few witnesses and family members that could testify on the events. But the circumstances have not been cleared or determined by the preliminary investigation,” he added, emphasizing the notion of an “alleged murder.”

Mininco, Arauco and Volterra; the Estate Lords, their allies and the Regional Government of Araucania must be silently celebrating, while the Congress forwards the Forestry Fomentation Law that finances their businesses, while the militarized police forces and their superiors demonstrate the capacity to defend their interests: the ability to kill arbitrarily and in plain impunity.

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

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