Machi Millaray Huichalaf left on House Arrest and Another Three Persecuted for Defending Ngen Mapu Kintuate

Audiencia-rio-bueno-300x162May 30th, 2013


Some time before 2PM last Thursday, the Bail hearing began to revoke the pre-trial detention of 4 Mapuche community members, among them Machi [Medicine Healer] Millaray Huichalaf , jailed for having struggled in defense of Ngen Mapu Kintuante, threatened over the construction of the Rukatayo hydroelectric dam in Pilmaiken River.


The Judge determined that the evidence presented by the prosecution did not justify the need for pre-trial custody. Therefore, bail was granted under the condition of house arrest, where the Machi and the other community members spent a total of 4 months in pre-trial detention.


Another noticeable point was the security and police presence at the hearing. Outside the Bail Court of Rio Bueno, a strong contingent of police surrounded the access to the building, including with wooden barriers. Meanwhile inside, 7 Special Force Prison Guards watched over the proceedings as well as a few plain clothed police officers from within the crowd.


País Mapuche


Distributed by: The Women’s  Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu


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