Williche Resistance Claims Actions of Sabotage in Favour of Mapuche Prisoners of Pilmaiken

Williche ResistanceFeb 22, 2013

Williche Resistance of the Futawillimapu territory claim three actions of sabotage against SAESA Incorporate and block road.

In this communique Williche Resistance of Futawillimapu announces an escalation of actions to demand the freedom of the two Machi [Medicine healers] and 4 Conas of Pilmaiken jailed in Llancahue Prison in Valdivia.


To the Mapuche Nation and local/international public onion: The Williche Resistance of the Futawillimapu claims the following actions…

Puerto Montt: Road Block with barricades towards the town of Pargua on the mourning of Monday, February 2013.

Osorno: On the night of Monday Februaru 18th, 2013, an attack was carried out on the machinery of SAESA on Los Carreras Road, between the intersections of Freire and Prat. SAESA is the hydroelectric company that extracts energy from Pilmaiken River; therefore it is an enemy to the Mapuche People for being an energy company that threatens to flood sacred ceremony space of Ngen Mapu Kintuante and destroy the Pilmaiken River.

Also on the night of Monday, February 18th: An cell phone antenna was burned down on Upper Real Rahue Avenue.

Valdivia: Road Block with barricades on the highway that unites Valdivia with Paillaco, specifically on the Casablanca bypass.

We inform that the Williche Resistance of Futawillimapu initiates an escalation of actions to demand the freedom of the Machi [Medicine Healers] and Peñi  [Brothers] of Pilmaiken jailed in Llancahue Prison in Valdivia.

Freedom for All Mapuche Political Prisoners- Williche of Pilmaiken

Oust the Hydroelectric Plants of Pilmaiken!


País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]




WEICHAN- Destroy the Patriarchical Prison System!WEICHAN: IN TIMES OF WAR


  1. FRIDAY, MARCH 8TH @ 5 PM: On International Women’s Day – ANTI-COLONIAL/ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN/ANTI-CAPITALIST MARCH /RALLY Against Police Brutality. Meet at 2 Bloor Street West – Toronto Chilean Consulate.


CALLING OUT all Radical/Queer/Anti-Authoritarian/Anti-Capitalist feminists – Let’s Take Back Our Streets!! Nothing to Celebrate and Everything to Fight Back!!

Bring Your Drums, Bring Your Flags!!


2. SATURDAY, MARCH 9TH @ 8PM: Kelly Pflug-Back’s Cross Klanada Book/Speaking Tour Launch of “THESE BURNING STREETS” + International Greek Anti-Fascist Speakers.

GSU Gymnasium (University of Toronto) – 16 Bancroft Avenue (Just East of Spadina, North of College)

Presenting the Initial Book Launch of “These Burning Streets” and Cross Klanada Wide Speaking Tour of the young poet and author Kelly Pflug Back.


Kelly Pflug-Back: Recognized author and Toronto G20 Political Prisoner will officially be launching her poetry book, “These Burning Streets” upon her release from Vanier Correctional Centre for Women. Kelly has spent the last 7 months in prison for having allegedly participated in the riots during the Toronto G20 Summit in 2010. She is a published poet and author as well as a well known activist for her work in anti-poverty and harm reduction organizing. She will also speak of her experience within the prison industrial complex, where prison serves as a Patriarchical tool to confine and dispose the bodies of those that do not conform to the norms of society, specifically in the case of women.


International Anti-Fascist/Anti-Authoritarian Speakers Directly From Greece:

On antifascist/anti-authoritarian organizing in Greece, the publication of Anti-authoritarian newspaper/magazine Babylonia and the state of the Anti-Authoritarian Movement.

Sofia Papagiannaki: Since 2006 participates in the free social center Nosotros in Exarchia, Athens. She has been in the editing team of Anti-authoritarian newspaper/magazine Babylonia and among the organizers of B-Fest, the festival organized by Babylonia newspaper in 2009, 2010 and 2011. She is active in Anti-authoritarian movement and several other initiatives specialized in ecological issues, such as committee of solidarity to Chalkidiki (against the mines of gold) and initiative for the waste management in Attiki.

Vangelis Nanos: He participated in student movements from 1995 to 1999 (school occupations against school reform). At university Vangelis was active in the General University Assembly which, at this time, was established as the only student institution by abolishing the previous administrative council which consisted of political parties. Vangelis has also participated in an occupied self-managed space in Rethymno (Crete), the pirate radio station 91.1 FM, the Antiauthoritarian Movement of Rethymno, the magazine Toxicub, the newspaper Babylonia, solidarity movement with the Zapatistas (one school for Chiapas) and the anti-globalization movement. He was active in the university occupation movement of 2006 to 2007, the Law School occupation during the December 2008 uprising, solidarity with the hunger strike of the 300 immigrants in 2011, and the Syntagma square movement. 

Vangelis is currently active in the free social center Nosotros, in Athens, the Antiauthoritarian Movement of Athens, the pirate radio station Entasi FM, the B-Fest festival, the occupation of the Botanical Garden in Petroupoli and the antifascist struggle (patrols).


Thanasis Xirotsopanos: is an activist involved in the anarchist movement since early 90’s. He participated in the squat community, the anti-globalization movement and social struggle concerning ecology, immigrants and free social spaces. He is an active member of Anti-authoritarian Movement and it’s structures since the beginning. (Nosotros, Babylonia newspaper, Antifa actions, B-Festival, etc.)

From Peterborough, ON:

Amanda Lickers (Anarchist Black Cross of Peterborough): Anarcha-indigenous feminist, Onondawaga of the Haudenosaunee. Anti-authoritarian prison abolitionist on the Patriarchical nature of the Prison Industrial Complex.

George Horton Norabuena (Anarchist Black Cross of Peterborough): Political Prisoner recently released on Bail Pending Court Appeal, convicted for his alleged participation in the riots during the Toronto G20 in 2010. George who was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment on September 28th, 2012 was released on December 10th after serving just over 2 months of his sentence, and will appeal his conviction in court beginning September 2013.

Poetry, Live Music, Video Shorts and Much More…

Free Vegan (Meat Option) Meal at 7:30PM

Presented and Organized by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

More info at https://wccctoronto.wordpress.com


The history of women has been plagued with humiliations and scorn on the part of various systems of slavery and submission that have existed. Domination, colonialism and violence have always been unleashed on the bodies of women – and with it the earth – as part of the structural patriarchy that has continued the rape, plunder and genocide of the land and its indigenous peoples. The prison system is the vivid expression of this structural violence – forcing all those who refuse to submit to the colonial norms to submit their bodies and their lives to the will of power and capital. However, much resistance has risen from the depth of this brutality.

This International Women’s Day, we have nothing to celebrate and everything to fight back.




They may imprison our bodies, but they can never imprison our desire to struggle; to be free.

The Women’s Coordinating Committee for A Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Police Arrest Members of Mapuche Support Network in Lake Lleu Lleu

February 1st, 2013

At around 8pm on Friday, the Chilean Special Police forces (PDI) carried out various operatives in the are of Puerto Choque and Ranquilhue, in the region of Tirua, arresting at least 3 people and their young children.

Emilio Berkoff and Pegy Bocaz, both members of the Mapuche Support Network of Temuco were arrested together with their 3 and 1 year old children, along with another adult and a 15 year old youth, according to friends in the area.

According to this information, the four youth and the young ones had been arrested in a pickup truck in Greater Ranquilhue. It was not until the late hours of the night that their location was finally known. Nonetheless, according to the website SoyChile, only one woman was arrested and taken to the Police Division in Cañete, charged in relation to actions of sabotage in the area.

That information involves a Settler police collaborator by the name of José Santos Jorquera, whom had denounced alleged threats, which led to the subsequent arrests according to SoyChile.

Generalized Attack

This armed attack took place after yet another police assault in Rio Bueno, where two Machi [Medicine Healers] and another 4 Mapuche were arrested, on top of the convicting sentences against three youth from Wente Winkul Mapu in Ercilla.

All of this within the offensive strategy of the Chilean State against the growing Mapuche movement for territorial reclamation in Wallmapu, expressed through the occupation of Large landed estates and action of sabotage that seek the expulsion of big forestry and agricultural corporations in Mapuche territory.

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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