Machi Celestino Córdova Charged under Antiterrorist Law

machi-celestino-cordovaJanuary 12, 2013

Yesterday in Temuco, Bail Court was held to formally charge Machi [Medicine Healer] Celestino Córdova and his brother José Còrdova under the Chilean Antiterrorist Law, holding their heads high with the dignity that is characterized by the Peñi [Brothers] of Lof Yeupeko.

Four charges were laid against the Machi [Medicine Healer], two of which surprised the Defense: 3 of which regard actions of resistance in the Santa Isabel Estate on December 23rd, where the house of usurper and white-supremacist Hernan Trizano member Pio Seco was burned down, and moreover an investigation regarding the fire that resulted in the deaths of the Luchsinger McKay family. The Anti-Mapuche Prosecutor Alberto Chiffelle argued for the charges and the judge authorized the pre-trial detention of Celestino Córdova, on top of a six-month investigation. The Machi risks 15 years in prison to Life in Prison under the Antiterrorist Law.

Meanwhile his brother, José Córdova Transito, was not processed for the arson of the Mansion, nor was he charged under the Antiterrorist Law, since the Judge determined there was lack of evidence to accuse him. Nonetheless, he was charged for possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition, and was later released on bail.

Outside the Courthouse, a large group of community members gathered from various territories in order to show support to the family of the Peñi [Brothers], being closely surveyed by militarized Chilean Police and constantly harassed by a group of racist settlers that also came to the Court, but to demand the heads of the Peñi [Brothers].


Statement Made by the Family of José and Celestino Córdova Transito

We state and consider that Chilean Justice does not respect the condition of our Machi [Medicine Healer] as a spiritual/ancient authority, being a fundamental pillar for our community and Mapuche People. Therefore we believe that this is a humiliation and injustice for our Machi, an injustice supported by the Chilean State in order to defend the interests of the Estate Lords and corporations, since there has been no serious investigation relating to the incidents, carried out behind closed doors in order to justify their judicial set-ups. It is evident that this is a political trial, in which the Chilean State denies its historic responsibility with our Mapuche People and is focused on a particular incident that does not have anything to do with our Machi Celestino.

We also communicate that our brother José Córdova Trasito, has been released under bail , being accused of possession of an illegal firearm, without direct and concrete evidence that link him to these incidents.

With this we state that the people that accuse us as Terrorist should remember their history some 300 years ago, and then voice their opinion more clearly. We are not immigrants here; we are Mapuche and have lived here for millennia. We should see who are those that came later, and they are the ones that should leave.

Family of José and Celestino Córdova Transito

Demilitarize Mapuche Territory!

Stop the Raids on Our Communities!

Abolish the Antiterrorist Law!

Free our Machi Celestino!


País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Jose-cordova-610x406Outside the Courthouse

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