Police Raid Lof Yeupeko at Gun Point, Forcing People on the Ground

PDI-en-YeupekoJanuary 11th, 2013

During early morning hours on Thursday, Chilean Police carried out violent raids in the area of Yeupeko, in the area of Tres Cerros, rural Padre Las Casas, arresting a Mapuche member, Carlos Huairao Carril, whom was found with two fire arms, for which he used as a night watchman for the Estate Lord and President of the Agriculturalist Entrepreneur Association, Emilio Taladriz.

These violent operatives were carried out with the support of Special Force Unit helicopter that came to lend support to the ground operative in the early hours of the mourning.

The arrest of people with arms which are linked to usurpers of the area is not new. On Friday, January 4th, another person, the watchman of the Luchsinger family was also arrested, and was carrying an unlisted fire arm while surveying the area next to the usurped Estate.

The press as well as the government ignored this serious fact, since the use of firearms by Estate guards are not new for the government. In fact, it has been the very Chilean State that has alienated the landowners to arm themselves in order to continue the usurpation of Wallmapu, and even more seriously, the settlers themselves are the ones to give firearms to their own guards.

In summary, what is clear is the racist attitude of Chilean Police. We know that harassment will continue with more arbitrary and random arrests, but none of that is important to the defenders of the occupation. In the end, someone has to pay and importantly it should be Mapuche.

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]



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