Communities of Mawizache –Triilwe Territory denounce Chilean State Attack Against School

paco-trapilwe.jpegJanuary 11th, 2013

Public Communique

Unto the attack of our school, we communicate the following to our Mapuche People, and general public opinion:

We denounce the attack as a tool by the Chilean State, through its groups of intelligence to delegitimize our struggle, to take away the support of our brothers, fabricating reasons to repress, raid, beat and imprison our people, and to thereby stop the struggle against the construction of the Airport and the reclamation of lands.

We energetically reject the cowardly attack against our community, since we studied at that school and so do our children; the personnel that work at the school are 90% from the community, as with those that established the school along with its directors.

Unto the state of perplexity that we find ourselves today, we will begin territorial control in order to avoid these events from happening again since those that are in charge of Chilean security in Mapuche Territory are those that come to attack our People. We have two schools in our Territory, as well as community gathering places and cultural/ceremonial centres, where unto this declared war by the Chilean State, we cannot let ourselves be detained and will defend the integrity of our people and homes with strength.

From today onwards, the youth of the community will have the security of the educational establishments in their hands in Trapilhue and Mahuidache, where we will control the entrance of strange vehicles coming into our communities, even if that means confronting militarized Chilean police, since they are the main suspects.

We call on our People to continue resisting and advancing for the reclamation of our rights as the Mapuche Nation.




País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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