Militarization Does Not Intimate Us: Wallmapu Remembers its Martyr Catrileo

marcha-matiJanuary 3rd, 2013

Wallmapu, our Mapuche Nation for which Catrileo gave his life and is currently greatly militarized, did not restrain itself in its efforts to remember him as a martyr deserves. There were many places where actions were carried out in condemnation of this institutional crime, in order for there to be no doubt about our resistance at this point.

Actions of various types were carried out, without any type of coordination, just united in rage, discontent and rejection unto the presence and action of the Chilean State and its institutions in Wallmapu.

Women, children, elders and youth came out this January 3rd to say “STOP;” stop the crimes of the State, stop the injustice, stop Chilean aggression, stop the occupation of our territories, and stop Chile in Wallmapu.

Marches, Meetings and Road Blocks in Wallmapu

Temuco: One of the central events was carried out in Temuco, where family and friends of Matias organized a march through the city’s downtown. The march brought over 200 people and was led by the family who pointed out their indignation over the impunity enjoyed by Matias’s murderer, police officer Walter Ramirez.

Concepción: After a mass gathering held in the city’s downtown and handing out information on the current situation in Wallmapu, 150 people marched on Thursday to pay homage to the murdered Weichafe [Warrior], while being repressed by Chilean National Police, detaining 5 people. On January 2nd, barricades were lit across the city.

Various road blocks were also made in other areas. Highway S-16 that links Imperial with Chol-Chol was blocked on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, on Thursday, the route that links Cañete with Tirua at the height of Huentelolen was blocked with tress and tires. Both protests were rapidly repressed due to the strong militarization in the area. Even though there were two arrests (on Hwy S-16), it was clear that the military presence did not intimidate the Mapuche People to remember our murdered brother and continue demanding the retreat of Chilean occupation from Wallmapu.

Other Cities

Santiago: Marches were also carried out in Santiago where 300 people marched in the city’s downtown ending with confrontation with police and attacking two banks; all in homage to the Weichafe [Warrior].

Stronger actions of resistance however were carried out in rural areas affecting forestry corporations and large landed estates.

The general overview is one of a national Mapuche commemoration, of a Wallmapu that does not cease to resist and that advances in its unstoppable reconstruction and independence.

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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