CAM Mapuche Political Prisoner Hector Llaitul Transferred to Concepcion: Hunger Strike Continues

carcel-el-manzanoJanuary 4th, 2013

Once again we have witnessed how the Chilean State together with the business world manage and carry forward the policy of racist political persecution. The transfer of Hector Llaitul to the El Manzano Prison Hospital in Concepcion, Ramon Llanquileo’s continued stay in Angol Prison having been denied release on weekends, which would have been effective this afternoon, and according to Gendarmerie was due to an administrative error, but is not more than the move of the Government with its Chilean and Transational business interests. This move means the isolation, harassment and persecution to clearly state that the institutions that be and the Rule of Law are being firmly implemented, in favour of the defenders of capitalism. We must be categorical in that it is not for the state of health of our brothers or an administrative error: it is the political persecution directed towards the expression, conviction and dignity of those who struggle with which the CAM resists and struggles, along with its leadership, and must be denounced – we cannot silence this discriminatory, criminal and absurd position for a second. No argument made by Gendarmerie or the Government could explain these decisions to isolate and negate a rightful prison benefit (which was granted by the hunger strike which is now on its 52nd day). Why? Because the true face of the Chilean State is vilify the Mapuche Nation and its most consequent expressions without evidence and criminalize our just demands for territory and autonomy, fortifying its repressive policies and open the path in consolidation with capitalist investments in ancient Mapuche Territory.

Therefore, we will continue the hunger strike which began on November 14th with more conviction, for justice and dignity, now with greater arguments and without looking back unto this new immoral attack by the Chilean State and its business leaders. We call out to continue resisting from the communities in order to deepen oour struggle for national liberation.

Wichan Info al Día

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

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