Mapuche Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike Faces Key Hearing in Collipulli

69142_117720138385633_1548610470_n-300x213Mapuche Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike Faces Key Hearing in Collipulli

December 11th, 2012

This Thursday at 9AM, Mapuche Political Prisoner, Leonardo Quijon Pereira of the Chequenco Community, will face the Court of Collipulli on the revision of his charges.

The 20 year old is being held in Angol prison, carrying out a second hunger strike since November 27th of this year. He is demanding a just trial, the proceedings be sped up and transparent, his witnesses to be accepted, an end to the set-ups against the Mapuche People, to be released on bail and finally that the family of the suspiciously deceased farmer rectify their statements as he assures to be innocent.

It is important to note that Leonardo Quijon joined the hunger strike of the Temuco Mapuche members carried out until October 23ed demanding the transfer to Angol in order to be closer to their families. That hunger strike produced cardiac irregularities and a loss of weight of approximately 10 kg.

His state of health is complex, due to the fact that he carries the consequences of the police attack suffered in 2009, where he was shot with 200 pellet bullets on his left thigh, which still remain there.

Nonetheless, on September 3rd he was ordered to remain in pre-trial prison after the youth voluntarily handed himself into Police Investigations, in order to demonstrate his innocence in the alleged murder of farmer Gallardo.

Leonardo took the difficult decision to carry out a second hunger strike since Novemeber 27th which continues and points out in his communiqués that in case there is no solution by December 17th, he will cease to ingest liquids.

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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