Chilean Supreme Court Rule Against CAM Mapuche Hunger Strike Petitions: Word of Death say Strikers


The Chilean Judicial System is the Word of Death for the Mapuche

Sentence of the Chilean Supreme Court for Double Jeopardy of CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners Hector Llaitul and Ramon Llanquileo

This past Friday, December 21st, the Chilean Supreme Court ratified the verdict of the Court of Appeals of Concepcion, dismissing the arguments presented by the Defense as an injunction in favour of the CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners, Hector Llaitul and Ramon Llanquileo, regarding double jeopardy; where the Military Court of Valdivia acquitted and the Oral Criminal Court of Cañete convicted the brothers for the same crime, under the same charges and evidence for the false confrontation that was the set-up in the Prosecutor Elgueta Case. This is an unprecedented ruling in Chile, violating the constitutional right to only be tried once for the same crime.

Without more arguments to sustain the ruling, a scarce document expressed “the sentence appealed in December 2012 has been confirmed.” The ruling was carried out in the second room of the Supreme Court comprised of Justices Milton Juica, Hugo Dolmmestch, Carlos Künsemüller, Haroldo Brito and the Attorney Jorge Baraona.

The ratification of the sentence is nothing more than a clear example of the continued political persecution that the CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners, Hector Llaitul and Ramon Llanquileo, must confront; where the Chilean courts have been biased in their legal interpretation. The Chilean Supreme Court had the chance to correct this error, where in June 2011 the replacement sentence convicted Llaitul and Llanquileo to 15 and 8 years respectively for allegedly having robbed the torturer and snitch Santos Jorquera with a weapon (maintaining the conviction of 10 and 5 years respectively) and the Prosecutor Elgueta Case (where the Supreme Court adjusted the convictions by lowering them to an additional 4 and 3 years respectively).  However it simply did not go the distance. It would be much more comfortable and “honorable” to ratify the sentence of the Concepcion Court of Appeals, than to admit the error and nullify the conviction for double jeopardy, which would have been the more just choice, since the convictions presented in the Criminal Court of Cañete had many irregularities including the use of double jeopardy, the application of the Antiterrorist Law, protected witnesses that played a fundamental role during the trial, statements made under torture etc.

Ramon-LlanquileoThe Chilean Justice System thereby is the word of death for the Mapuche Nation, which can be proven throughout history. Cases such as of the Peñi [Brothers] Lemun, Mendoza Collio and Matias Catrileo, where their murders live with impunity or with ridiculously reduced sentences indicate that in Chile there is no justice for the Mapuche, and that so-called institutionalism that should veil for the common good, is in fact more concerned with corporate sponsors and of private property than of fundamental rights.

However despite this criminalization of the Mapuche struggle, of so much injustice, persecution, political prison, repression and death, the struggle for dignity, freedom, autonomy and territory will continue from our territories and communities, supporting our political prisoners and following the example of our Pu Weichafe [Warriors], Longko [Chiefs], and Machi [Medicine Healers] that are on the path to our national liberation.


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28TH – Hearing in Cañete to Demand the Recognition of time served for Hector Llaitul. Four years in which he was held in pre-trial custody in cases for which he has been acquitted. We should note that this benefit has been granted to a number of non-political criminal cases and many Ex-Mapuche Political Prisoners in the past and present, therefore we expect that the members of the CAM will not be the exception.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27TH beginning 7:30PM –INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION for the CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners Hector Llaitul and Ramon Llanquileo on hunger strike since November 14th. There will be mobilizations in Chiloe, Osorno, Temuco, Concepcion, Santiago and Mexico.

Wichan Info al Día

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


Leonardo Quijon Stops Hunger Stike


December 16th, 2012

Public Communique No. 4 by Leonardo Quijon , Mapuche Political Prisoner from Angol Prison

I Leonardo Quijon  Pereira, Mapuche Political Prisoner of the Chequenco Community wish to inform the national and international community the following:

  1. Due to the concern and petitions of my family for the serious state of my health, I am stopping the hunger strike I began on November 27th.
  2. I am innocent in the murder of peasant Gallardo and am willing to go under take any forensic examination to demonstrate this, so my charges can be dropped by the Prosecution.
  3. I will continue to struggle for the truth in this case and the set-ups that accuse me.
  4. The public hearing on December 13th rejected my release because Prosecutor Chamorro has not handed in the evidence of the investigation.
  5. I wish to thank all the Lamnien [Sisters and Brothers] that supported and joined me during this hunger strike and those that continue to support me.


Leonardo Quijon from Angol Prison, December 16th, 2012

For more information, contact my sister Cristina Quijon

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Mapuche Block Road in Cautin and Resist Police Removal

accion mapuche 2012December 22nd, 2012

A new confrontation between Mapuche community members and police was carried out on the Highway that unites the cities of Carahue and Nueva Imperial, in the territory of Cautin.

A group of Mapuche installed barricades on the highway blocking traffic, until the arrival of police that tried to stop the action and attack the Mapuche.

The Mapuche demonstration was defended with Molotov bombs and basic firearms, causing injury to one police officer according to the Chilean press.

The communities in the area claim this action within the framework of the territorial reclamation process being carried out throughout all Wallmapu, clearly stating that any attempt to silence the struggle by the Chilean State and its occupying forces will be resisted.

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Police Attack José Guiñon Community Arresting 4

carabineros ercilla 2012

December 22, 2012

A large police contingent, of National Chilean Police and Special Investigations Units, attacked the Chief José Guiñon Community in Ercilla, during the afternoon and evening on Saturday.

Jaime-Marileo-entrada-225x300During the police operative in the community located inside the area of Pidima, the Mapuche leader Jaime Marileo Saravia was arrested, an ex Mapuche Political Prisoner who was in prison for many years for the Poluco Pidenco case.

Minutes later, recently acquitted Mapuche prisoner Jorge Mariman Lonkomilla, was also arrested. The young Mapuche spent many months in pre-trial detention and even underwent a hunger strike, before being finally acquitted.

Later on, it has been informed that a 16 year old was also arrested together with her mother, Machi Adriana Lonkomilla, whom after a few hours were released.

The other two Mapuche were taken to the Special Police Force division in Angol and will be taken to Collipulli for possible charges, without knowing the full motives of the police raid.

Public Communique

From Mapuche Territory, we inform national and international opinion that today December 22nd, at 7:30 PM, Special Police Force Units (GOPE) have carried out a raid on various homes in the Mapuche Community of José Guiñon in Ercilla.

We denounce that fully armed police personnel are terrorizing and torturing our children, pregnant women and elders though their repressive actions, through death threats made to residents at gun point for several minutes inside their homes, to later be transferred to Angol prison, without any knowledge of their charges.

This Police Contingent continues inside the Community in search of more arbitrary arrests.

Until now, we only know of the arrest and transfer of Jaime Marileo and Jorge Mariman to Angol, who have previously been persecuted and even incarcerated for many years, without concrete evidence that would have substantiated their charges.

We solicit all Peñi [Brothers] and Lamnien [Sisters] to remain alert to the actions being carried out by the Chilean State, as they continue to violate, vulnerate and harass our People that continue to struggle daily for the reclamation and liberation of our territory.

Chief José Guiñon Community

*Note: The arrest of the mother and daughter was known after the release of this statement

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

CAM PUBLIC COMMUNIQUE: Unto the Death of Peasant Osvaldo Zapata

TVN Miente - informe especial 'zona roja'Unto the information given out through the mass media relating to the death of Osvaldo Aliro Zapa Gutierrez, 54 year old peasant in the area of Antiquina, 28 km away from Cañete, we wish to inform our Mapuche Nation, Ta Iñ Peñi Ka Lamnien, to public Chilean and International opinion the following:

Kiñe: That the various actions carried out by the Territorial Resistance Groups of the CAM (ORT_CAM) in our Wallmapu have a common enemy: Capitalism, and have a clear objective – to stop its advancement into Mapuche Territory, in the Lafkenche area in the province of Arauco and in particular against Forestry companies (Mininco, Volterra, etc) and its expressions of investment and ursurpation.

Epu: A Chilean peasant is not, nor will ever be targeted by the ORT–CAM. Moreover, we consider this to be a sector that is also oppressed by the dominating political/economic system; therefore we have a common enemy. Additionally, as Pu Weichafe [Warriors] of our nation, we carry a political ethic of Weichan [War], or of struggle, therefore we do not have a line of indiscriminate confrontation against the peasantry and farmers; we are unconditionally against it.  We do not attack the weakest even if they are on Mapuche Territory.

Kula: Therefore we outright reject the insinuation of the mass media, including but limited to TVN, BIO BIO LA RADIO, LA NACION and EMOL, in trying to link the death of Mr. Osvaldo Zapata with the CAM and with its ORT. We state that this is an isolated incident and has no relation with our processes of reclamation and struggle.

Meli: Finally in addition, the actions of resistance against forestry companies, are in support of our Pu Weichafe {Warriors] that are on their 37th Day on Hunger Strike.




Free All Mapuche Political Prisoners!

Territory and Autonomy!


Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Territorial Resitance Groups (ORT) of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator of Mapuche Communities in Conflict (CAM)

Distribute by: Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Leonardo Quijon Evaluates Dry Hunger Strike after being Denied Bail

leonardo-quijon-comienza-nueva-huelga-de-hambre-por-su-inmediata-libertad-300x227December 15th, 2012

This past Thursday, December 13th, the Court of Collipullu denied bail for the young Mapuche, Leonardo Quijon of the Chequenco Community, announcing that he will switch to a dry hunger strike in the next few days.

It should be noted that the Prosecution is accusing him of the murder of farmer Hector Gallardo, on the night of Saturday September 1st, when he had been suspiciously attacked by a group of hooded men, allegedly armed according to Prosecutor Luis Chamorro.

Leonardo will continue on the hunger strike he initiated on November 27th and evaluates leaving behind liquids in the next few days, if his demands are not met, which at least include bail. He demands a just trial, the acceleration of his judicial process and transparency, as well as that his witnesses be accepted, an end to all set ups against the Mapuche People and that the family of the deceased rectify their testimony.

Leonardo has been in pre-trial prison since he voluntarily handed himself in order to demonstrate his innocence on September 3rd of this year, and until now, Prosecutor Chamorro has never asked him testify or any of the witnesses solicited by the defense, led by Attorney Lorenzo Morales.

Regarding this issue, Lorenzo Morales pointed out that “the Bail Court of Collipulli solicited the Prosecution to investigate whether Leonardo had long hair at the time of the incident, and moreover pointed out that he did not wish any more discussion on the matter at his Court. He also gave a fixed time period in order to call the witnesses presented by the Defense to Court.”

The Attorney also added that only the alleged participation of the Defendant in the crime was discussed in the hearing. Additionally, in order to dispute the issue of long hair, the Defense presented a photo uploaded on Facebook on August 27th showing short hair, planning to move to the Community of Curaco where his partner lives.

Morales added that “Leonardo is in pre-trial prison only because of the accusation of one witness and not due to any substantial evidence. In fact, at the scene of the crime organic traces were found and we asked Prosecutor Chamorro to do DNA testing, which has not been carried out.”

To further complications, the Defense Attorney stated that he presented a letter to the Court signed in Collipulli  by Leonardo to a professional at the National Institute for Rural and Indigenous Development (ANIDE), Francisca Vera, dated August 31st where he was undergoing medical therapy. After which, Francisca accompanied Leonardo in his journey to Curaco with all his belongings.

State of Health

The state of health of the young Mapuche is delicate, since he drags the consequence of a Police attack, leaving him with over 140 pellet bullets in his left leg, which still remain there, and injuries from a gunshot wound, leaving him disabled.

According to a medical report by Doctor Luis Umaña Rosales, of the Commission of Hunman Rights of the Medical College of Chile, who has visited him on two occasions this week “Leonardo  has lost approximately 10 kg of weight, is conscious, hydrated, but with his spirits low, many aches and dizziness persist, insomnia and changes in sleep rhythm, on top of frequent palpitations.”

Rosales added “The hunger strike has maintained him at the border of a serious blood pressure imbalance due to his fragile physical state, especially considering his history of Cardiac Arrest during the previous hunger strike in Temuco Prison, where together with other Mapuche Political Prisoners, solicited a prison transfer in order to be closer to their family, just a few weeks ago.”

“From a medical and ethical point of view, according to the Malta Accord over the rights of political prisoners on hunger strike, signed by the Medical College of Chile, it is urgent that there be a prompt legal solution. That is why I will continue looking over his rights and accusing this serious irregularity,” stated Rosales.

Paìs Mapuche/Andrea Figueroa

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

George John Horton Norabuena Released on ‘Bail Pending Appeal’

george h norabuena 1via The Anarchist Black Cross of Peterborough

George Horton, who was imprisoned on the 28th of September 2012 for 3 counts of attempted mischief, 1 count disguised with intent of crime, 1 count of assault police, 1 count of intimidation of a justice participant by use of violence, (all charges resulting from the Toronto 2010 G20 riots) has been released from the Central North Correction Complex in Penetanguishene, ON on Bail Pending Appeal. Horton who was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment was released yesterday – December 10th – after serving just over 2 months of his sentence. He is appealing the sentencing and convictions of the intimidation of a justice participant, and assault police charges, therefore he was eligible for Bail Pending Appeal. After a brief legal battle (the Crown’s office put in much effort to block Horton from being granted bail) Horton’s appeal lawyer Peter Copeland was able to procure a bail agreement with the courts. Horton has returned to his home town of Peterborough Ontario, and has to follow such bail conditions as: a curfew from midnight to 6:00am, remain in a place of residence during that time (does not have to necessarily be Horton’s residence just a place of residence), cannot go outside of the provinces of Ontario or Quebec, has to report and sign in with Peterborough Police every second Wednesday, and cannot attend any kind of protest or demonstration while wearing a mask or ‘wielding’ what could be considered a weapon. He also has to turn himself back in to the custody of the C.N.C.C (jail) by 6pm the day before his appeal hearing (there is no date yet set for the hearing, but most likely will take place around a year from now). Horton is very happy to be back with his friends and family and his dog Kasey. He releases the following statement:

“Thank you all from the bottom of my heart to all those who have shown me support in my legal battles with the courts. Thank you to all those who sent mail, and reading material while I was incarcerated (someone sent me the book ‘Les Miserables’ by Victor Hugo and I have no idea who sent this, but the book is a perfect jail book due to its themes and subject matter. Also the fact it is a massive book therefore providing lots of reading mitral. I enjoyed it a huge amount so whoever sent it, thank you). This G20 matter is far from over for me and though I now have to live under what I feel to be pointlessly imposed bail restrictions for a period of time in excess of 10 months, I look forward to the day I over turn these wrongful and excessive convictions. Jail is nothing to fear, though it is a fucked up placed with fucked up politics, at least the jail where I was, was nothing that bad; in the sense one will never go hungry there. A person can sit around all day stuffing ones face with chips and pop gotten off canteen while watching Much Music (which seems to be the only thing ever on the T.V). When I think about what other prisoners throughout history have had to deal with or have to currently deal with in other parts of the world it makes Canada’s incarceration system seem gluttonous and easy (not to say it is still not hard time, one just has to wrap their mind around being there and ‘do their own time’ as the saying goes). I often feel that life is harder for those that live in the streets of say Montreal than those incarcerated within the C.N.C.C.  Nonetheless still, fuck jails. Thank you once again for all the support and continued support with my appeals battle which lies ahead. It all means a lot.”

If you would like to send mail to Horton or financial support to his ongoing G20 legal battles, forward it all to the Anarchist Black Cross of Peterborough at:

George Horton c/o The Anarchist Black Cross of Peterborough PO Box 342 Peterborough, ON. K9J 6Z3

abc.ptbo (at) resist (dot) ca

Solidarity to all Political Prisoners, someday we will break free of the chains the hold us down.

george h norabuena 2(One of Horton’s friends and supporter at his September 28th 2012 sentencing hearing outside of Old City Hall court house in Toronto.)

The Anarchist Black Cross of Peterborough

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Mapuche Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike Faces Key Hearing in Collipulli

69142_117720138385633_1548610470_n-300x213Mapuche Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike Faces Key Hearing in Collipulli

December 11th, 2012

This Thursday at 9AM, Mapuche Political Prisoner, Leonardo Quijon Pereira of the Chequenco Community, will face the Court of Collipulli on the revision of his charges.

The 20 year old is being held in Angol prison, carrying out a second hunger strike since November 27th of this year. He is demanding a just trial, the proceedings be sped up and transparent, his witnesses to be accepted, an end to the set-ups against the Mapuche People, to be released on bail and finally that the family of the suspiciously deceased farmer rectify their statements as he assures to be innocent.

It is important to note that Leonardo Quijon joined the hunger strike of the Temuco Mapuche members carried out until October 23ed demanding the transfer to Angol in order to be closer to their families. That hunger strike produced cardiac irregularities and a loss of weight of approximately 10 kg.

His state of health is complex, due to the fact that he carries the consequences of the police attack suffered in 2009, where he was shot with 200 pellet bullets on his left thigh, which still remain there.

Nonetheless, on September 3rd he was ordered to remain in pre-trial prison after the youth voluntarily handed himself into Police Investigations, in order to demonstrate his innocence in the alleged murder of farmer Gallardo.

Leonardo took the difficult decision to carry out a second hunger strike since Novemeber 27th which continues and points out in his communiqués that in case there is no solution by December 17th, he will cease to ingest liquids.

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Communiqué No. 3 CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners 18 days on hunger strike.

comuneros_mapuche_en_huelga_de_hambre_0Communiqué No. 3: CAM MAPUCHE POLITICAL PRISONERS ON HUNGER STRIKE

After 18 on liquid Hunger Strike, the CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners, Ramon Llanquilei and Hector Llaitul, communicate the following to the Mapuche Nation and general public opinion:

  1. On Friday, November 30th an Injunction to the Court of Appeals in Concepcion was presented with the objective to stop the fulfilment of a sentence that has already been acquitted (Prosecutor Elgueta Case), soliciting this Court to act according to the law and permanently dismiss the case.
  2.  We demand the immediate freedom of Ramon Llanquileo, through weekend releases, since the requirements solicited by the Gendarmerie have already been met.
  3. End the irregular procedures of the Gendarmerie, carrying out raids to cells where CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners are held.
  4.  Credit given to Hector Llaitul for time served in the current sentence, after almost four years in pre-trial detention for various charges that have been acquitted.
  5. We give our unconditional support in solidarity to our Peñi Leonardo Quijon, whom is also on hunger strike for his demand to a fair trial.0c91bf98a1c1eff36d14d4e883033162_XL

We Moreover Inform:

After 18 days on hunger strike, the CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners Ramon Llanquileo and Hector Llaitul have lost a considerable amount of weight approximately between 9 and 10 kilograms respectively.

They show ailments such as: headaches, dizziness, cramps, irritability and general weakness.

In the particular case of Hector Llaitul, ailments associated with Chronic Gastropathy and acute Duodenitis have also been manifested.





Angol Prison, December 1st, 2012

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

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