Wente Winkul Mapu Call to Mobilize for Mapuche Prisoners 2 Months into Hunger Strike

Wente Winkul Mapu Community Call to Mobilize for Mapuche Political Prisoners 2 Months into the Hunger Strike

October 23rd, 2012

The Mapuche Wente Winkul Mapu Community call out to communities, social organizations and all Peoples that are in solidarity with the Mapuche Political Prisoners, in Wallmapu, Chile or abroad to unite forces and MOBILIZE  everywhere in support of the Mapuche youth that are willing to give their lives for their freedom and their People.

Daniel Levinao, Rodrigo Montoya, Paulino Levipan and Eric Montoya are in a critical state of health; the latter two are currently being held in Angol hospital, after suffering dizziness, vomiting and migraines, conditions which worsen their hunger strike now on its 59th day – that is to say, two months without food.

The Wente Winkul Mapu Community of Lof Chekenco value the fact that the five Mapuche Political Prisoners were able to twist the arm of the Gendarmerie and have them be transferred at the latest on Thursday, however always on alert for the compliance to be fulfilled, since if not the prisoners will return to their dry hunger strike, which had them on the brink of death.

They also call out to be alert of the demands that were left on the sideline, as the dismissal of Prosecutor Luis Chamorro in Mapuche cases, and the end to the abuse suffered by those visiting the Peñi [Brothers] in prison.

That is why the Community and their Lonko [Chief] Daniel Melinao call to not weaken the pressure and continue to go out onto the streets to demonstrate in support of the youth that are practically giving their lives in order to achieve their freedom, without leaving behind the struggle of communities for the reclamation of Mapuche Territory.

“Marches in Santiago and Concepcion have been organized and it is necessary that all the people go out to protest once again to demonstrate that the prisoners are not alone,” stated Daniel Melinao, calling for manifestations programmed for today Tuesday. Moreover, he called out to people in other cities and other countries to organize any form of protest, since these are decisive days for the difficult situation of the youth in prison.

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]



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