Hunger Strikers in Angol Denounce the ADI & Contemplate Dry Hunger Strike “to Assume a Dignified Death”

Hunger Strikers in Angol Denounce the ADI (Areas of Indigenous Development) and Contemplate Dry Hunger Strike “to Assume a Dignified Death”

October 22, 2012

Communiqué No.10

The Mapuche Political Prisoners of the Wente Winkul Community of Lof Chekenco, Paulino Levipan Coyan, Daniel Levinao Montoya, Rodrigo Montoya Montoya, and their spokesperson Eric Montoya Montoya, state to national and international opinion that we denounce and condemn the actions of the Chilean Capitalist State against our People.

The visit of the Chilean President Sebastian Piñera in Mapuche territory has no other objective than to be a demonstration of the power by the oppressive Chilean State against our oppressed People, but at the same time, shows great miscalculation and ineptitude in thinking that we will backtrack the idea of the reclamation of our lands and the reconstruction as a Nation, believing that we will be intimidated.

The Chilean State should be reminded that those who struggle are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who struggled for this land against their invading army only 130 years ago, and that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are whom will reclaim what has been plundered and stolen.

We believe that dealing with our historical struggle in the creation of Areas of Development by the State belongs to the strategy they have always used, which seeks to clean their national and international image in order to continue repressing the communities that resist and reclaim their territory. The areas of development and resources have the fortification of the State’s domination over our communities as its only objective.

The communities should understand that the State gives out these resources thanks to those who struggle, since this visibilizes the problems of misery and poverty of our People.

Even if many communities do not share this form of struggle for the territory, political negotiations should always be thought of something to do in the future of our People, in our Autonomy and in the reclamation of the territory; because there is no point to implement projects that have nowhere to be developed, there is no point to having projects if we do not work to maintain what we have already recovered. There is no point to having projects if we have our Peñi [Brothers] submitted to repression and prison.

We must always think of ourselves as a People, as a family. As youth that are dignified within this struggle, we understand that getting out of poverty does not mean AT ANY PRICE. This is why we reject the opportunism and use of the discourse of struggle that some have so easily used to position themselves in the mass media or in dominating organizations such as the CONADI or the ADI.

These opportunist do not hesitate to give the State a hand in wiping its hands unto the international community, running to negotiate in the offices of authorities, while our Peñi [Brothers] are in struggle.

We denounce the actions of Juan Carlos Curinao and Domingo Marileo. We all know who these people are, so do their communities and we firmly believe that they do NOT pressure the State as they say; on the contrary, their words speak from a place of complacency with the State, while those of us who struggle are submitted to repression and prison.

The Areas of Indigenous Development (ADI) are in fact Areas of Domination and Domestication of the Mapuche.

We also, with the forces we have left, demand that the Medical College position themselves and take charge on the issue of hunger strikes, to speak with a strong and decided voice. We want them to either denounce or pronounce themselves in favour of the State. We want them to leave the complacent silence that leaves us dealing with all the strings pulled by the State in order to separate us and lower our means of pressure in total impunity. THEY SHOULD PRONOUNCE THEMSELVES ALREADY!

We also inform that even though days pass by, there has not been a single authority that has come by to hear from our mouths what our demands are, much less give a solution to the strike.

Finally, we wish to support the Hunger Strike of our Peñi [Brothers] in Temuco; their demands have to do with the right of any person to be close to their family, to have a just trial and the presumption of innocence. We are also contemplating the idea of a dry hunger strike and in that way we will assume a dignified death.

We warn the Chilean State that this struggle will not be in vain, and that we will continue this strike until the last consequences. What we demand is justice for Mapuche cases and we will not rest until we achieve it.

Because neither prison nor death will detain our struggle for liberation and territory of our Mapuche Nation.

Wente Winkul Mapu Mapuche Political Prisoners

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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