Hunger Strikers Transferred without Informing Family or Considering State of Health

Hunger Strikers Transferred without Informing Family or Considering State of Health

October 18th, 2012

In between the concern and confusion of family, even of the press, Gendarmerie transferred two of the four Mapuche youth marking the 53rd day on hunger strike.

Dozens of people marshalled all night around the Regional Hospital of Concepcion awaiting the transfer of Rodrigo and Erik Montoya to the hearing in preparation of the Appeals Court trial in Collipulli.

However, after 9AM two of Mapuche Political Prisoners were taken out of the grounds by personnel of the Gendarmerie Special Forces Unit (USEP) in complete silence, without informing their family or community leaders in their now critical state of health.

On the other hand, there has been information that three of the hunger strikers were released from hospital, where only Erik Montoya should remain hospitalized until a new medical report can be evaluated by the Court of Collipulli to permit his return to Angol.

It was in this way that Paulino Levipan and Daniel Levinao were also taken from the Hospital to the El Manzano Prison of Concepcion, transferred under the radar, without the proper measures for their state of health and moreover without any reasonable explanation for they remain in Concepcion. This therefore shows the will of the Judicial and Executive powers in their continued harassment to the hunger strikers in order to stop their dignified action.

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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