The Chilean State Declares War in Wallmapu | Mapuche Community Response in Ercilla

The Chilean State Declares War in Wallmapu

The Chilean State Increases Militarization in Mapuche Territory


Within the decisions that the Chilean State has taken to sustain the occupation of Wallmapu is the increase in numbers and resources to the security apparatus, whether it be the National Police Force (Carabineros) or Investigations, in order to acquire the technological instruments and vehicles necessary to patrol the area in conflict, in particular the area of Malleco.


Decisions were taken within a meeting called “The Security Summit” and were led by the Chilean President Sebastian Piñera, where the participation of the Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter, his Vice-Secretary Rodrigo Ubilla, the national Attorney General Sabas Chahuan, and the head prosecutors of the Regions of Arauco and Collipulli, Francisco Ljubetic and Luis Chamorro were also present. The attendance of the General Director of the National Police Force, Gustavo Gonzalez, the Director of Police Intelligence, General Christian Fuenzalid,a and the Chief of Police of the IX Region , General Ivan Bezmalinovic were duly noted as well.


The meeting surged after much pressure surged from surrounding estate owners, settlers and forestry companies, as well as politicians and prosecutors, who requested further repression in the area for a while.


The decision to increase the militarization in Malleco Province is in addition to the decision of estate owners arming themselves to defend the usurpation that has been carried out for years. Since there has been a continuous process of territorial reclamation with the communities in the area for the last few years, that does not cease despite the many brutal raids, detentions, shots and even murders that the Chilean State has carried out with the sole objective to safeguard capitalist interests for forestry companies and agriculturalists.


In any case, the strategy of militarizing the territories in resistance with the objective of continuing the occupation in Wallmapu, is something the communities have lived with for years, who have gone forward with the idea of seeing a Wallmapu liberated from the oppression of the Chilean State. That idea has been pointed out by the Werkens [Spokespersons] of the community, especially by the communities of Temucuicui or Chief José Guiñon, that firmly maintain themselves within the territorial control carried out through the active occupation of usurped estates.


July 31st, 2012

País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]



Mapuche Communities of Ercilla Determine Measures unto the violence of the Chilean State in the Are

July 30th, 2012


The Mapuche Communities mobilized in the area of Ercilla (Malleco), come to proclaim the following public statement to the national and international community, unto the latest events against our Mapuche Communities for their territorial and political rights.


1.      The Mapuche Communities of the area of Ercilla, have gathered with the end to define and determine measures that safeguard the physical and psychological integrity of our people, unto the actions of the government in turn regarding the Security Summit in Santiago. We profoundly reject these measures for their degree of racism, violence and discrimination in bringing such militarization unto our communities. During these last few days, we have been victims of police violence in various operatives that have ended with injured children and elders. We should note that permanent harassment by the police to our homes day and night, which have lately included a helicopter that flies over the entire community. We have been the subject of unfounded accusations, racism, xenophobia, declarations emitted by the political authorities, such as the Regional Governor of Malleco. These only lead to a situation of outright criminalization and political persecution against members of our communities, instead of finding solutions that allow a response to our territorial demands.


2.      The Mapuche Mobilized Communities consider that this attitude on behalf of the government reflects the historical practice of increased repression unto the demands made by our Mapuche Communities. The government has politically and economically profited from this situation, where immediate concerns come to light, such as recent raids, injured and dead. Under this climate, we have resolved to jointly confront this difficult situation, such as the issue of militarization in the area, the permanent harassment to our communities and continue with the reclamation of lands.


3.      In the same way, the Mapuche Mobilized Communities announce our presence in the trial of our brothers of the Wente Wuinkul Mapu community. We consider this trial to be a new set up by the Anti-Mapuche Presecutor, Luis Chamorro and the General of the IX Region  Ivan Bezmalinovic, who directly participated in covering up the murder of Jaime Mendoza Collio. His victimization lacks any legitimacy.


4.      Lastly we call out to general public opinion to not let themselves be influenced by the manoeuvres of the Government, who has used small agriculturalists as a way to criminalize our demands. They have been victims of Government anxiety in finding culprits and have been used as instruments of criminalization. What is clear in the statements of the Governor of Malleco province, is that there is no such thing as presumed innocence, which further seeks to politically condemn our territorial demands



Community Mapuche Wente Wuinkul Mapu

Community Mapuche los Loloco

Community Mapuche Temucuicui Autónoma

Community Mapuche Rankilko

Comunidad Mapuche Newen Mapu


País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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