More than 6 years Later… May the Sacred Fire Never End in Your Heart!

Part of the Mobilization for the [April 28th Coalition] Walk for Peace, Respect and Friendship

April 21st @ GSU – Harvest Noon

16 Bancroft Avenue (Just East of Spadina, North of College)

On April 20th, 2006 the peoples of the Six Nations Grand River Territory were violently raided by the Ontario Provincial Police at the Reclamation of a small piece of land known as the Douglas Creek Estates, renamed Kanonhstaton or the Protected Place. The former Douglas Creek Estates were at the edge of a settler town known as Caledonia, bordering the Six Nations Reserve of Oshweken, the largest native reserve in Canada. The ongoing displacement and encroachment of Six Nations people, specifically in violation of the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784 (giving 6 nautical miles on both sides of the Grand River to the jurisdiction of Six Nations), had been broken time and time again, this time at the footsteps of the postage stamp size of a reserve they had left, leading to the uprising in defense of the land. The reclamation would spark the beginning of one of the biggest demonstrations of indigenous resistance to ongoing colonial encroachment since the Oka Crisis of 1990. This year we will celebrate the victories of that ongoing Reclamation that continues on, with the films that documented these events and speakers DIRECTLY from Six Nation who continue their strength, dignity and courage in struggle to this day.

Two Amazing Film Screenings on the Douglas Creek Reclamation:

@7PM “Day Zero: the Invasion. Six Nations Reclamation” by Jon Jeex

@8PM “Inside the Reclamation” by Alicia Elliott

PLUS! Speakers Directly From Six Nations of the Grand River Territory

FREE MEAL @ 6:30PM (Meat Option)

*NO COVER – Donations Appreciated*

Organized by the Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


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