Joint Statement in Support of Comrade Luciano Pritonello

Joint Statement of Subversive and Revolutionary Prisoners in Support of Comrade Luciano Pritonello

January 10th, 2012

This text was written before Luciano entered into the health division of ‘Santiago Uno’ maximum security prison. Its delay in being published is due to the collaboration of various imprisoned comrades under the $hilean State in various prisons, thereby making it difficult to edit and distribute.

To the ample and diffuse revolutionary and subversive spectrum:

We, as combatants of freedom from within various extermination centres have united our words in order to overcome the isolation with which Power uses to silence us; so that our united gestures are met by those comrades that have never taken a step back in confronting the enemy. This incentive has the objective of breaking the logic of those that sustain democracy; those whom use their citizen’s morale seek to isolate comrades to relegate them into oblivion. However we are not afraid and raise our voices to send much strength and love to our comrade Lucian Pitronello, whom was gravely injured during the early morning events of June 1st last year.

We are not interested in the guilty or innocent dilemma, our language is not of the elite, since we do not recognize anyone who seeks revenge on our decisions, except for ourselves within the movement. Our responsibility is not to judge, we assume the political responsibility unto our comrades in struggle, which have nothing to do with their laws.

It is through centuries of repression and exploitation throughout history that various expressions of resistance have risen and confronted the oppressors. In $hile, there have been libertarian and autonomous expressions since the beginning of the 20th Century that continue today. Today under a democratic regime, inherited from the military dictatorship of the tyrant, Pinochet, revolutionary/subversive struggle continues and takes new strength. For many years organization such as day-long distribution of leaflets/materials, meetings, gatherings publications etc were becoming more and more frequent, as with the forms of struggle that would begin to break the false peace of the oppressors. Anonymous hands began to continuously attack material symbols of Power, with explosions, fires or arsons. These attacks began to take notoriety since 2004, but have been the continuation of an offensive resistance that militants of political/military organizations (such as the MIR, FPMR, MJL) decided to continue through the transition from dictatorship to democracy: this time organized horizontally, with affinity and informality.

Autonomous Mapuche, okupas (squatters), anarchists, ex-political prisoners and now insurrectionary student youth are the enemy of Power that they are trying to annihilate. The oppressors have marked their path of repression through the outlets of mass media (dis)information, as they have sadistically made fun of the painful accident that Luciano faced. All of this under the so-called Antiterrorist campaign, but they will not be able to stop us. For Power, any person or collective that intends to subvert the established order is categorized as a terrorist, not for the violence that may be used, but because of their conviction and decision to struggle. For us the only terrorist is Power, the State and Capital, since terrorism seeks to create indiscriminate fear in society, as they are the ones that have the capacity and resources to impose themselves over all oppressed people. Power had already celebrated the unfortunate loss of our beloved anarchist comrade, Mauricio Morales, in not only celebrating his accident but in also banning all his friends and comrades in struggle, and joins the long list of combatants that have fallen in the struggle against oppression. This is especially the reason why it is necessary to support our comrade now that he is kidnapped under similar circumstances.

We recognize our difference as individuals, but this is no limit to recognizing ourselves as comrades of struggle, even if we do not know each other personally, our love for freedom is what unites us and our differences make us stronger. This is the reason why we call out in solidarity with our comrade Luciano “Tortuga.” To not fall in the fear that Power imposes upon us to isolate him. The fact that an anarchist comrade has fallen wounded, is imprisoned and is confronting a judicial process is enough reason for support him and to not leave him alone. We will not sit quietly while they make this tragedy into a spectacle, showing their clear vengeance against who they see as a visible target after years of resistance and antiauthoritarian offensive. We also will not forget the support that political prisoners had received in years past; those who had been convicted of political executions, expropriations or explosive attacks, did not stop those who supported the mobilizations and finally allowed these comrades to walk free again, as a valuable example of struggle. May these words of Love and freedom trespass the walls and the fences so they may reach Luciano and his close ones in this difficult moment. Comrade, our thoughts are with you. We send you our strength so that you may be strong unto the enemy, because in this social struggle no one is alone; we will make solidarity our best weapon. With all our fallen comrades in combat in our memory, for them the best homage is to continue the struggle. Combatant youth: permanent insurrection.  May the historic memory burry those who condemn the offensive step against Power! While misery exists, there will be rebellion!! Towards Total Liberation!!


P.S. Luciano was charged on November 22nd, 2011 for “placing an explosive device” and for “falsification of a licence,” as other fire bombs are being investigated. eIn the hearing he was taken to pre-trial custody during the investigation for 70 days. Luciano is in the maximum security prison known as “Santiago Uno,” and needs special and constant medical treatment which is currently at the sole disposition, will and temper of the prison police guards, where they hold full responsibility of our comrade’s health so it may not worsen. [Luciano suffers from third degree burns in most of his body, the loss of a hand and three fingers, and partial hearing and vision loss due to the explosion].


Marcelo Villaroel, Juan Aliste Vega Fuentevilla Zermen, Elias Cristobal Franke, ‘Mono’ Gonzalez Zapata, Esteban Huiniguir, Miguel Sanchez, JuanTapia Olivares, Alberto Olivares Fuenzalida

Distributed by:

The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]


Hinzpeter’s Fires and His Plan to Generate a Racial Conflict in Mapuche Territory

January 15th, 2012

Due to the great number of forest fires in Wallmapu and the border region of Bio-Bio, a gruesome plan had been put forth by the Chilean government in order to demonize the struggle of the Mapuche People; this especially after the tragedy in Carahue with the deaths of 7 forestry scouts, trying to extinguish the fire at the Mininco Inc Forestry estate.

In the beginning, the authority alluded to the possibility of intent, but then quickly moved to make direct accusations towards Mapuche communities and in particular, one Mapuche organization.

This is not anything new, considering the loquacity of the majority of statesmen in Chile and the many script like texts they continuously throw at the Mapuche movement. However, what should be noted is the timing of such remarks during the actual fires; perhaps to take advantage of public commotion and outrage, while the seven scouts who died in Carahue were being laid to rest.

We should remember that there had been an extremely unstable climate due to the many actions of resistance in our Mapuche territory from the fourth anniversary of Matias Catrileo’s murder and the fact that the highest Chilean Court had minimally convicted the cop who murdered him.

It is in this context where many Chilean government representatives paraphrased possible accusations against the Mapuche, as alleged authors of the various forest fires and thereby accusing them of the murder of the seven scouts.

Moreover, currently many of our communities in various parts of our territory are accusing the police of employing racist tactics, as there have been numerous confrontations between community members and the occupying police force, where territorial reclamation processes are taking place.

Anti-Mapuche Reprisals?

It is interesting to note that in the same area where the victims of Carhue were being laid to rest, house of a well known and charismatic Mapuche leader from the 1980’s was burnt down.

The truth is that Santos Millao, whose father’s house was burnt down, is well known for is loud rhetoric, but in practice is actually more in line with Chilean institutionalism than with his own brothers.

Santos Millao is still well known in the region, as being the leader of an organization that extinguished itself little by little until it was completely co-opted by Chilean political occupying forces in our territory, but would nonetheless be a target of Chilean settlers in the area.

What is behind the Accusations?

The media circus of Anti-Mapuche accusations by the Chilean government in this context could provoke extreme reactions on both sides, generating a panorama of conflict which would only benefit those who risk their interests in the region: business and the enemies of the Mapuche people.

There seems to be an intention by a portion of Chilean political power to generate a racial confrontation in Wallmapu and turn the Chilean – Mapuche conflict into a contentious interethnic conflict.

This portion led by Rodrigo Hinzpeter- in understanding that there is no short term solution to the security issues raised from maintaining the occupation of Wallmapu – pretends to twist the objectives of the Mapuche struggle and thereby generate the eventual support of repressive State policies from the Chilean population living in the area.

For the Elite, Poor Chileans are under Business Interests

The truth is that a race based conflict is only at the interest of those whose economic interests are at risk in Wallmapu and hope to count on better security for their business. It is not beneficial in any case, not for the Mapuche, and much less for the many poor Chileans with whom we share Wallmapu.

We Mapuche are legitimate owners of our territory. We have lived here since before this fraud called Chile was established, and our struggle is oriented to generate the conditions necessary for our survival as a People, in order to continue in existence, which are obviously not guaranteed under the current occupations of the Chilean and Argentinean States on our Territory.

Just like the displaced Mapuche, poor Chileans are the cheap semi-slave labourers that sustain business in the region, generating huge profits for these companies whose owners do not live in Wallmapu, sometimes not even in Chile.

These poor Chileans do not count for these entrepreneurs, who only know this territory from their private property plans. They are only distant related statistics, a social material to use on the will of political power- nothing relevant – as their only worth is to be the support system to greater interests.

Those Chileans cannot dream of a more just society today, not even in looking towards the left, whose visions of socialism are nothing more than myths, at most, old legends.

That is why only the Mapuche struggle can today make them dream of a more just society, more human, where they count. Today, in this situation of occupied and usurped Wallmapu no one counts; neither Mapuche nor Chileans.

The reconstruction of our Mapuche Nation and with it the construction of a new type of society, one that is inclusive and not exclusive, more humane and non-capitalist, a society of justice and freedom out of the reach of neo-liberal interests; that is the change for which we the Mapuche wish to walk and would most likely be the objective of poor Chileans who live in Wallmapu.

Perhaps this is what Hinzpeter fears the most, which is why they impose a climate of Anti-Mapuche hostility that would allow them to repress us with everything they have, as the State of Israel does in occupied Palestinian Territory.

Perhaps in looking at occupied Palestine, Hinzpeter (whose origins are Zionist) wishes to generate something like it – maybe even with a wall.

It is not just the area of Torres de Paine that saw an Israeli citizen light the forest fires – other Zionists are also lighting the fires in Wallmapu.

 País Mapuche

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu

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